Take Care Of Your Health With A Dental Checkup

Dental Checkup Allen TXIf it has been longer than six months since your last visit to the dentist for a cleaning and examination, you are past due for an appointment. The American Dental Association recommends a routine dental checkup at least twice every year, and for some patients, an accelerated schedule of treatment is necessary to keep your smile safe. While you wait to see your provider, common concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease can continue to progress, so make the effort in your oral health maintenance.

Find your way back to a positive schedule of prevention with a checkup from our team of helpful dentists in Allen, TX. When you come into the office, your visit will start with a dedicated cleaning of the surface of your teeth, helping you to avoid cavities and gum disease that come from bacterial buildup of plaque and tartar. Along with this portion of your appointment, you will also receive a full examination and any imagery that you need. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to ask all of your oral health questions, so take advantage of your next semiannual checkup!

Feel Fresher With A Cleaning At Your Dental Checkup

When you come into the office for a semiannual cleaning and examination, your appointment starts with the removal of any bacterial accumulation on the surface of your teeth. Plaque and tartar buildup can cause serious problems for the health of your smile, and you cannot do this entirely on your own with routine brushing and flossing.

Even if you spend the necessary time and effort, there may be areas where your brush cannot reach. As plaque sits in your smile, it calcifies into a harder material known as tartar (or calculus), and you need a trained dental professional to safely remove it. Your cleaning during your semiannual checkup helps you to have a fresher smile, free from plaque and tartar.

Develop An Open Communication With Your Dentist

Alongside your professional cleaning, you will have the chance to ask all of your oral health questions during your dental checkup. Take advantage of this opportunity, as we all can stand to improve our techniques and practices with our home hygiene regimen. If it helps, you can keep a smile journal for the week before, noting your concerns. Your examination is also your opportunity to have a professional identify any growing concerns, so it is a vital part of your appointment.

Schedule Your Next Visit To Allen Family Dental!

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