3 Frustrating Smile Flaws Cosmetic Dental Work Can Address

A better smile might be more attainable than you realize, and with less work than you might assume. Modern cosmetic dental procedures make it possible to address many different issues that can affect the way a person looks. Your Allen, TX dentist offers multiple procedures. If you feel self-conscious because of a particular issue, or because of multiple concerns, you can learn how you can see big changes in as little as one procedure! It should be noted that while cosmetic procedures are frequently beneficial, restorative dental work is sometimes necessary to make changes. Your dentist can examine your smile to determine if your esthetic concerns are being caused by an oral health issue that should be addressed. (more…)

Allen’s 2019 Duck Derby Takes Place On February 9!

Are you ready to take on your fellow Allen residents in a very special race? On Saturday, February 9, the city of Allen will host its annual Duck Derby at the Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium! You can acquire your duck from the natatorium, and take the time before the big race to give it your own creative touches. On the morning of February 9, competitors can gather to pit the ducks against each other as they float on the Lazy River. If you want to flash a bright, confident smile at the winner’s circle of your duck race, you want your teeth to be as healthy and attractive as possible. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office is ready to help by offering quality smile care during every exam! (more…)

Useful Information For People Suffering From Tooth Loss

If you have suffered tooth loss, you can be well aware of how the problem can impact your confidence in your smile, and your ability to perform ordinary dental functions. What you might be less clear on is how modern prosthetic dental work can benefit you. Your Allen, TX dentist can talk to you about your issues with tooth loss, and let you know about the benefits of prosthodontic work. Many people who restore their smile with support from dental implants can feel better about their smile, while also having an easier time with biting and chewing. (more…)

Selecting A Crown That Can Effectively Protect Your Tooth

Restoring a tooth with a dental crown involves the placement of a custom restoration that will completely cover the tooth above your gum line. Protection at this level means that the crown effectively takes over the job of biting and chewing, meaning your restoration needs to be durable. Of course, if your crown is visible when you smile or speak, you can also be concerned with how it looks. Your Allen, TX dentist can help you by reviewing your needs based on what tooth is in need of treatment, and offering the appropriate restoration. (more…)

How Dependable Is A Tooth-Colored Filling?

As relieved as you might be to learn that your dental filling can blend in with your smile, you may have some questions for your Allen, TX dentist. Will this restoration properly support your tooth? Will it offer lasting protection? How stable will it be? You can be happy to learn that this dental restoration offers the important benefits for your oral health, in addition to benefiting your smile. Your filling actually bonds directly with your tooth structure, which allows for lasting stability, while giving your tooth the support it needs to continue biting and chewing.  (more…)

Enjoy A Free Bluegrass Concert At The Allen Public Library

On Friday, January 18, you and your family can head to the Allen Public Library for a FREE concert! Bluegrass band Over The River will treat the audience to bluegrass hits that cover the history of the genre, while also playing a mix of original and cover songs. Music has a way of making people smile – of course, you may be hesitant to smile if you feel uncomfortable with the look of your teeth. Your Allen, TX dentist can meet with you to talk about cosmetic dental work, and how it can improve your appearance! Of course, we are also ready to help you manage and prevent oral health concerns, too. (more…)

Is There A Right Way To Respond To A Tooth Injury?

What do you need to worry about after a tooth injury? The right approach to this issue can depend on how severe the problem is. If your tooth is loose, completely dislodged, or badly injured, emergency dental care can be crucial. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office will work with you to make same-day care possible in the event you need urgent attention. Your injury can benefit from modern restorative dental care, which can focus on preserving your smile while also defending you against oral health problems. It should be noted that in the case of a milder injury that leaves you with a chipped or cracked tooth, cosmetic dental work may be the right approach. (more…)

Brighten Your Smile With A Personalized Whitening Kit

Have your past efforts to whiten your teeth using store bought products, or a brand of toothpaste offering a whiter smile, ended in disappointment? These products can help, because they can clear away staining particles on the surface of your enamel. With that said, they may have a limited effect on stains that have settled in deeper layers of your teeth. Does this mean there is no way to make your teeth notably brighter at home? You can actually count on noticeable improvements when you take home a professional whitening kit. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office can supply you with a kit that includes customized trays that help you comfortably, and evenly, apply professional whitening gels. This procedure can lead to noticeable results, and make you excited to show off your smile! (more…)

Smart Tips To Protect Your Smile During Your Workday

Do you regularly find morning pastries or doughnuts in your office break room? Is it hard to make it through your afternoon without a cup of coffee? Small habits developed at work can become a real problem for your smile if you are not careful. One of the first problems is one you encounter before your day at the office even begins – if you rush through your morning, you may do a poor job brushing your teeth. During your time at work, your snack habits can lead to an increased cavity risk, and problems with teeth stains. When you visit the office of your Allen, TX dentist, you can count on positive smile care. By changing up your routine at work, you can also keep your teeth in better shape at your own office. (more…)

Securing Dental Care For Your Whole Family

Setting the right example for your kids can help guide them to better habits. We often think of this as good advice for helping them make smart behavioral choices, but this is also true in matters of health, and oral health. Simply put, you help your kids understand the importance of keeping their teeth in good condition. If you make it clear that brushing and flossing matter, and that sugar poses a risk, they are more likely to protect their smiles. Of course, you are not the only one who can help them. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office welcomes patients of all ages. You can bring your kids in for routine checkups, in addition to scheduling your own checkups. Pediatric dental visits involve the kind of care all patients receive, along with guidance that can help children do a better job supporting their oral health on their own. (more…)