Are You Effectively Keeping Up With Your Oral Care Routine?

As October approaches, you can expect to start seeing Halloween decorations in your neighborhood , and you can certainly find them on sale at many local stores. Of course, Halloween is about more than just decorations, and costumes – you can also expect to see a remarkable amount of candy! When more sweets are available to you, it can be an especially good time to think about how your habits are affecting your smile. With that said, you should think of preventive dental care as a year-long priority. Effective care at home should be a daily goal. In addition to keeping up with good brushing and flossing practices, you should enjoy regular dental exams. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office can provide you with a thorough oral health checkup, as well as a dedicated dental cleaning. (more…)

How Easy Is It To Use A Professional Teeth Whitening Kit?

Big smile improvements are possible when you take home a professional teeth whitening kit. While store bought products can have a hard time with stains that reside below the surface of your enamel, you can find that the bleaching agents your dentist provides are more effective against them. While the potential improvements are enticing, you may have concerns about how easy it will be to actually use a take home whitening kit. You can be relieved to know that your Allen, TX dentist’s office will provide you with helpful custom trays that make it easier for you to evenly apply these gels. With this greater ease, you can more confidently start the process of making your smile better and brighter! (more…)

Helping Kids Keep Up With Smart Dental Habits

Once your kids are old enough to brush and floss their teeth without your help, you may worry that they are doing too little to effectively clean their smiles. While you can check in with them to see how effective they are at these tasks, the goal is to make sure they understand how to maintain good oral health on their own. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office can provide pediatric dental care that focuses on keeping teeth healthy, while also providing helpful information to kids. During visits, your child’s dentist can help them appreciate why good oral care is important, and give them pointers on how to take better care of their teeth. (more…)

Check Out Spirit Park’s Grand Opening Event!

On Saturday, October 6, families in and around Allen are encouraged to come out and help celebrate the grand opening of Spirit Park! During this afternoon and evening event, residents can check out this new park space, and enjoy many fun activities. There will be live music and entertainment, food, drinks, softball games, and other activities that are sure to grab your attention. This grand opening is FREE to attend, and it’s a great excuse to come out of the house and enjoy a great celebration with the family. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office is proud to be a part of the community, and excited to see the unveiling of a new space for families. We want to remind you that we can provide dedicated smile support for patients of all ages, so we can see parents, and offer pediatric dental care for the kids! (more…)

Dental Wear And Tear Can Make Your Smile Appear Uneven

Natural wear and tear can affect people to varying degrees. Because your teeth are routinely involved in biting and chewing, friction is unavoidable, and that friction can result in the erosion of your dental material. Unfortunately, this may result in changes that affect your appearance in ways that you find less than thrilling. If you are worried that your smile now appears uneven because of wear and tear, talk with your Allen, TX dentist about cosmetic dental work. The right treatment can make your teeth appear naturally healthier. You can enjoy treatment options that lead to stunning results! If your wear and tear is due to a frequent teeth grinding habit, this issue can call for correction before you start cosmetic work. (more…)

3 Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Cavity Trouble

How confident are you about your smile care routine? How certain are you that your next routine dental visit will confirm that you are totally cavity-free? Many people feel that they are doing enough to take proper care of their smiles. Unfortunately, cavities are still a common problem. One problem people face is that they see their dentist less often than they ought to, or only take time to attend an appointment if they feel something might be wrong. Your Allen, TX dentist can offer important support during your exam. You can also receive a professional dental cleaning at your appointment, which will help you maintain clean and healthy teeth. (more…)

Can You Count On Care In The Event Of A Dental Emergency?

A tooth injury is already a problem on its own – when you experience dental damage, and feel unsure of what to do next, you can be particularly distressed. What are you going to do in the event of a dental emergency? How can you put a stop to your discomfort, and start treatment to recover your smile? You can be relieved to know that your Allen, TX dentist’s office can provide support in situations where urgent care is called for. Patients of record can even arrange treatment outside of office hours by using our answering system to make the needed arrangements.  (more…)

Learn The History Of The “Mercury 13” At The Allen Library!

On Saturday, September 29, families in and around the Allen area can learn about the history of the Mercury 13, as Wally Funk will discuss her history, and the history of the group. Funk was one of a group of women who underwent tests in the early 1960s to qualify to serve as astronauts. Your family can find out about these tests, and what happened after Funk’s time as one of the Mercury 13. This special event will be FREE to the public, and it will take place in the auditorium of the Allen Public Library. Your Allen, TX dentists encourage area families to enjoy the local events that are hosted by the city. Remember that we are available for your routine dental exams, and professional cleanings. (more…)

Can An Issue With Tooth Loss Impact Your Diet?

Our natural biting and chewing functions depend on the presence of a full set of teeth. Even one lost tooth is able to disrupt your routine jaw movement, and that change can have a negative effect on your oral health. Your modified jaw function can tax your joints, and lead to TMJ problems that cause you pain. You can also cause excessive wear and tear that leads to dental problems for your remaining teeth. If you experience problems from untreated tooth loss, or if you suffer the loss of several teeth, your ability to bite and chew certain foods may become compromised, leaving you with a less complete diet. Fortunately, your Allen, TX dental office can talk to you about the functional benefits of a prosthetic that enjoys dental implant support. (more…)

Enjoy Impressive Smile Changes Through A Bonding Treatment

Cosmetic dental work provided by your Allen, TX dentist can provide you with the means to address frustrating issues that currently affect your appearance. The right treatment can address a concern over discoloration, visible signs of damage, as well as problems with the shape or position of certain teeth. You can expect to see noticeable improvements after a treatment, and you can be surprised at how soon those changes become apparent. In fact, patients who come in to have a dental bonding treatment performed can look forward to showing off a better smile in as little as one appointment! Because bonding treatments do not require the placement of lab-made restorations, your dentist is able to complete your procedure in less time. (more…)