Cosmetic Work Can Address Visible Wear And Tear On Teeth

The color of your teeth will certainly impact your appearance, but the quality of your smile is about more than just its whiteness. Everyone will experience some degree of wear and tear on their teeth over the years, simply because of the friction of biting and chewing. That being said, for some this problem will be more pronounced than others. This may be due to a teeth grinding habit, or simply because of genetic factors. If you feel that your smile has been hurt by wear and tear, you should know that a cosmetic dental treatment may be able to make remarkable improvements to your appearance. (more…)

Painful Or Stiff Jaw Movement? Talk To Your Dentist

People who experience pains in their jaw, or suffer from limited movement, may be experiencing what is known as TMD. TMD refers to temporomandibular joint disorder, a problem that can lead to discomfort, and impact your ability to practice comfortable jaw movement. If you are showing signs of TMD, inform your dentist. They can supply you with an oral appliance that can help relieve strain on your jaw joints, while also talking to you about other techniques to help reduce discomfort. Over time, this problem can lead to a habit of grinding your teeth, which can lead to serious dental damage. (more…)

Dependable Restorations For Teeth With Dental Issues

A quality dental restoration can provide lasting support, while also preserving your appearance. Many patients need a dental filling, or a dental crown, after a cavity creates irreversible damage. However, this is not the only situation that can make care necessary. You might find yourself undergoing restorative treatment because of harm sustained after an injury. In some cases, a congenitally weak or small tooth might require a crown. Your dentist can assess the state of a tooth, and recommend the appropriate response. Your custom restoration will be a natural fit for your smile, and offer support for many years. (more…)

Why It Helps To Know What Caused Your Dental Discoloration

If you have a problem with the color of your teeth, and want to do something about it, the obvious next step is to undergo a whitening treatment – or is it? For many people, the stains on their teeth come from different foods and beverages, as well as tobacco products, for tobacco users. These patients can certainly see positive changes after a professional whitening treatment. This is what is known as extrinsic discoloration. Some patients need a treatment that can help them deal with intrinsic discoloration. If you need to address this problem, a different cosmetic dental treatment can offer the kind of results you want. (more…)

Celebrating Arbor Day With Allen Parks And Recreation

On Saturday, October 28, you and your family can come out to Twin Creeks Park, and take part in Allen’s Arbor Day celebration! The Allen Parks Department will be hosting a special event to commemorate Arbor Day. In addition to several fun activities, the department will be conducting tree plantings in the park. By observing this holiday, our city aims to recognize the value trees add to our natural beauty, as well as their important role in our ecosystem. This event will be free for families to attend. (more…)

Undergoing A Root Canal To Put A Stop A Serious Cavity

If you keep putting off a cavity treatment, you leave your tooth in a state of potential danger. After all, there will come a time where tooth decay causes irreversible harm, and can cost you your tooth! Different restorative dental treatments are used at different stages of cavity development. Smaller cavities that only affect your enamel can be removed, and your tooth can receive the support it needs with a dental filling. However, when decay goes deeper, and affects the inner chamber of a tooth, you will need to undergo a root canal treatment. By performing a root canal, your dentist will stop advanced decay, and protect you against bacteria that have infected your tooth’s living tissue. (more…)

How A Dental Bridge Allows For Permanent Prosthetic Support

How does a dental bridge stay permanently in position? What do you gain from having a prosthetic that is fixed in place? Patients who have lost a single tooth, or have lost several teeth in one area, can have a custom bridge made to fill the gap in their smile. By using a pair of dental crowns secured on neighboring teeth, the dental prosthetic will be locked in position. When you have permanent support for your restoration, it can be easier to bite and chew, and can feel more comfortable in general. If you are interested, you can talk to your dentist about relying on a dental implant to hold your bridge. (more…)

Check Out The Halloween Bash At The Nat!

Are you ready to have a little Halloween fun? Allen residents are encouraged to check out the Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium on Friday, October 20 for the Halloween Bash At The Nat! During this event, the venue will stay open late as guests can take part in a costume contest, with prizes awarded to the best male and female costumes. There will also be a screening of A Nightmare Before Christmas held after the competition concludes. Couples will enjoy a discounted entrance rate. (more…)

Targeting Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Smile

The “right” steps to improving your oral health will depend on your current habits. You may do a great job cleaning your teeth, but struggle with cavities because of a particularly powerful sweet tooth. Your problems could stem from tobacco use. While a person’s path to better oral care is largely dependent on individual factors, there are some general issues that deserve attention. One important factor is whether or not you keep up with preventive dental appointments. Simply put, if you want to put a serious limit on your cavity risk, being mindful of some particularly bad habits can be a big help. (more…)

Preventive Dental Treatment For Patients Of All Ages

You deserve to feel confident about your smile at any age. With proper care at home, and regular dental exams, this is something you can accomplish. For young patients, early dental visits will involve helpful guidance on how to properly brush and floss, as well as explanations of why oral care is important. Many people worry about changes taking place with their teeth as they grow older. You can lose layers of your enamel over time due to the friction created by biting and chewing. This can have a potential effect on your appearance. No matter your age, your dentist can help you undergo the necessary care to enjoy your best possible oral health. (more…)