Why We Make Sure Our Patients Have Access To Emergency Care

You and your dentist would prefer that you never need emergency dental treatment. After all, a dental injury or problem can be painful, alarming, and generally unpleasant. That being said, our office is prepared to help our patients whenever they suffer a problem that calls for emergency care. Early treatment can be important, especially when you are facing the threat of losing a tooth, or teeth. Because problems can take place outside of normal office hours, our patients of record can arrange help in these times by reaching our office answering system. With the appropriate restorative dental treatment, you can come away feeling great, and with an attractive smile. (more…)

3 Reasons You Should Consider Receiving Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic dental treatment can lead to some remarkable smile changes. Targeting an issue that hurts the look of your smile can lead to amazing overall improvements to your appearance, and your confidence. Many people who talk to their dentist about cosmetic work can find themselves interested in porcelain veneers. By placing veneers over your teeth, your dentist can make corrections to many different flaws. The veneers are custom-made to fit over your teeth, and the porcelain used offers incredible durability. Patients who undergo this treatment can enjoy impressive results that last for many years!  (more…)

Will You Need A Root Canal To Stop Your Toothache?

A toothache can be a persistent, unpleasant presence. What you should know is that in addition to being a serious imposition on your day, a toothache that continues to cause you problems can be a sign that your tooth is in need of restorative dental care. Your issue may be the result of advanced tooth decay, which can lead to an infection in the interior of your tooth. To put an end to your discomfort, and spare you from further oral health troubles, your dentist can remove the cavity by performing a root canal. This means putting a stop to a cavity, and your discomfort. (more…)

Check Out The Home And Garden Show At The Allen Event Center

From Friday, February 9 through Sunday, February 11, you can check out Allen’s Home And Garden Show! Hosted by the Allen Event Center, this three day event can provide you with the inspiration, materials, and support to transform your yard into something truly wonderful. You can explore different exhibits and displays, and talk with skilled vendors to learn more about renovation projects to take on in and around your home. Discounts are available for seniors and retired military members. Active military members and visitors aged sixteen and younger are welcome to attend for free.  (more…)

Why Teeth-Whitening Is Simpler than You May Think

When you first notice that your teeth are stained, you might consider brightening them with teeth-whitening. However, you might wonder if you really need professional dental treatment to erase what are seemingly minor stains. Fortunately, professional teeth-whitening is a simpler process than many people realize, which is especially good news considering the fact that over-the-counter (OTC) products are usually insufficient at erasing teeth stains. During your next routine visit, speak with your dentist to find out if you should consider teeth-whitening, and whether or not the treatment can conveniently brighten your smile. (more…)

2 Ways Your Dentist Helps You Prevent Cavities

Prevention is the main principle of most dental treatments, yet a majority of people still experience at least one cavity in their lifetime. While they aren’t particularly difficult to prevent, cavities don’t need much to develop. As a byproduct of oral bacteria and the substances they produce, cavities can form even when you think your hygiene routine is perfect. Therefore, visiting your dentist regularly is an essential part of effective cavity prevention. (more…)

Why Are Routine Teeth Cleanings So Good For Your Smile?

If you take the time to clean your teeth every day, will you gain anything from a professional teeth cleaning at your dentist’s office? These sessions are part of the routine care provided during a dental checkup, and they play an important role in your defense against oral health troubles. Your hygienist can remove stubborn tartar, which is left behind when you brush and floss. They also have the tools necessary to provide real attention to those parts of your teeth that are harder to reach. If you want to enjoy the best possible defense against problems like tooth decay, make sure you stay consistent with your preventive treatments. (more…)

Pick Up Your Racer For The 2018 Duck Derby!

The new year is upon us, and Allen families will soon be able to take part in this year’s Duck Derby event! The Duck Derby, held at the Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium, offers young Allen residents the chance to show off their artistic flair, and take on their friends in a fun competition! You can pick up a small duck, which you can then personalize with fun decorations. On Saturday, February 10, all competitors will bring their ducks, which can be entered in a decorating contest, and raced down the lazy river! There will be prizes for best decoration, and awards for the fastest duck. (more…)

Taking Home A Whitening Kit Can Lead To Amazing Results

What separates the whitening kit you can receive from your dentist, and the whitening treatment options you can find at your local grocery store? Store bought whitening agents and professional whitening kits both aim to treat stains that have settled in your enamel. By targeting these stains, you can address frustrating discoloration. That being said, a whitening kit from your dentist will help you eliminate stains that have settled into deeper layers of your enamel. Because store bought products can leave those particles unaltered, the results you see can be limited. Professional teeth whitening can lead to a more dramatic improvement, with your teeth becoming brighter by several shades! (more…)

4 Issues With Your Filling Your Dentist Should Know About

When you have a modern dental filling placed after a cavity is removed, you can look forward to discreet, lasting protection. Your filling is meant to keep your tooth safe from damage, and from becoming infected. You should be able to count on that support for many years. However, if you feel like something may be wrong with your filling, or if you have an older filling that may need to be replaced, tell your dentist. Ignoring these problems could put your tooth at risk! (more…)