A Chipped Tooth May Be In Worse Shape Than You Realize

man hiding a chipped toothChipping a tooth can hurt, and it can leave you with a flaw in your smile that you are reluctant to let people see. These issues are reason enough to bring the matter up with your Allen, TX dentist, but you should know that the problem may be worse than you realize. When enamel is damaged, a tooth may be vulnerable to more harm. There is also the potential for physical injury to leave you with internal damage that requires restorative dental work. Our practice is here to help if you need to have a dental injury evaluated. We are also prepared to bring patients in for emergency dental visits if the problem seems like it might be an urgent one. (more…)

The Consequences Of Ignoring Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

How much harm can one cavity actually do to a tooth? The answer to this question depends on how much time that cavity is given to grow. Unfortunately, there is not a way for you to stop a cavity yourself, and no way to suspend its growth until it is convenient to arrange treatment. Decay will eventually lead to new problems by infecting your pulp, the inner chamber of your tooth. This problem can lead to pain, sensitivity, swelling, and discoloration! Our Allen, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who have cavity troubles. If the problem is serious enough to warrant a root canal procedure, we can perform one in order to stop an infection. If the cavity is caught in its early stages, we can use a more conservative approach to protect your tooth. (more…)

Concerned By Dental Sensitivity? Talk To Your Dentist

example of woman affected by dental sensitivityFeelings of dental sensitivity can make you uneasy about your oral health, even if you are unsure why this problem is affecting you. Issues with sensitivity can be experienced in different ways. For some, it can be an issue with a tooth that is unusually sore or sensitive, while others have problems with general feelings of pain or sensitivity. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office has experience taking care of people who experience these different issues. Once the reason behind your issue is identified, we can identify a treatment to provide relief. It should be noted that the problem could be potentially serious. If your sensitivity is tied to a cavity, it may be a symptom of an infection that is putting your tooth at risk for being lost! (more…)

Preventive Dental Care Can Protect Your Periodontal Health

Every time you take the time to brush and floss your teeth, you can take care to protect your gums as well. Routine preventive care can stop the buildup of bacteria at your gum line before gingivitis becomes an issue. Unfortunately, many people can struggle with this problem at some point. As part of the services provided during a routine dental exam, our Allen, TX dentist’s office can determine if a targeted periodontal cleaning might be appropriate for you. An ultrasonic scaling focuses on cleaning portions of teeth beneath your gum line in order to fight signs of an infection. This service, along with a routine dental cleaning, can help you avoid long-term issues that might impact your oral health. (more…)

A Lack Of Rest Can Interfere With Your Smile Care Routine

If you find it difficult to sleep, the negative impact on your energy levels and emotional state may cause problems throughout your day. One thing to watch out for when you are sleep deprived is a possible change in your approach to daily dental care. You may have a harder time giving oral hygiene your full attention when you feel exhausted at the end of the day. If you oversleep due to chronic restlessness, you may put your smile at a disadvantage by not brushing at the start of your day. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office has helped many people maintain their healthy teeth and gums through consistent preventive dental care. In addition to enjoying care during regular checkups, make sure you are doing what is necessary to protect your smile between visits if you want to stay healthy! (more…)

Should Your Approach To Preventive Care Change As You Age?

Hopefully, your current oral care routine has been consistent and thorough enough to keep you safe against cavities. Through a sensible, low-sugar diet and daily efforts to brush and floss effectively, you can stop the potential buildup of plaque and tartar and avoid issues that result in restorative dental work. While this can give you confidence in your smile health today, will your routine continue to be enough as you age? Will you have to worry about decay, tooth loss, or other issues in later years? The right approach to smile care can have long-term benefits, and help you keep a healthy smile even as you age. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office provides care to patients of all ages, which includes support through encouragement and advice to help you remain in good dental health through the years. (more…)

3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Kids Avoid Cavities

As rewarding as it can be to care for your children, keeping them safe and healthy can certainly keep you busy! Kids will take on more responsibility when it comes to managing their own well-being, but they can depend on your guidance to learn what the right choices and actions are while practicing self-care. One thing you should take care to do is help them learn to take great care of their teeth. A person’s dental health can have a big impact on their appearance as well as their overall health. Your Allen, TX dentist takes time to work with kids on learning good habits so they can effectively brush and floss at pediatric dental exams. Between these appointments, you should provide support and encouragement to further assist them in developing (and sticking to) good habits! (more…)

Are You Putting Your Oral Health At Risk By Not Flossing?

Is your smile as clean and healthy as it could be? How vulnerable are you to a problem that might require a trip to the dentist’s office for restorative dental treatment? The consistency of your oral hygiene routine is important. With that said, you should also be committed to a process that fully removes harmful food debris and bacteria from your smile, which means you should floss regularly. While a trip to your Allen, TX dentist’s office for routine preventive care can include a professional teeth cleaning, your smile should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to prevent tartar buildup and other issues. Without this part of your routine in place, you can have a difficult time protecting spaces where your teeth meet, which are hard to access with a toothbrush. (more…)

Your Drink Choices Can Impact Your Oral Health

You make choices throughout your day that can have an impact on your dental health. Some of these choices can be more obvious than others, of course. The choice to skip brushing your teeth because you were running late for work can have a clear negative impact, as you can allow bacteria to stay in place, and you can leave plaque deposits to harden to tartar. Other choices, like your selection of soda or water at a meal, will also have an impact. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office encourages patients to make smart choices throughout the day so that they can protect their teeth and gums. The right habits can help you avoid tooth decay, and also to maintain a more attractive smile. (more…)

3 Tips That Can Help You Limit Dental Wear And Tear

By limiting the amount of wear on your teeth, you can better preserve their appearance while also lowering your risk for oral health problems. A degree of wear and tear can be difficult to avoid – after all, we have to rely on our teeth to break down the foods we eat, which can create considerable friction. With that said, there are certain behaviors that can cause more wear and tear to occur, which can lead to problems for your smile and dental health. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office provides important routine dental services during your examinations. If an unusual degree of wear and tear is observed, we can talk to you about the potential problems this creates, and recommend treatment if it is called for. (more…)