Preventive Dental Care Keeps Your Teeth In Top Condition

You and your dentist have a shared goal of keeping your smile free of problems. With expert care at home, and the services provided during a routine dental checkup, your smile can stay clear of problems that make restorative dental care necessary. Remember, your teeth face risks throughout the day. Eating and drinking can put harmful oral bacteria in contact with food particles which those bacteria can feed on. When bacteria consume sugar, they produce the acids that wear down your enamel, and ultimately create cavities. Brushing and flossing regularly can help keep your mouth clean from these threats. That being said, regular exams and professional dental cleanings will also offer an important measure of support to keep your oral health in top form. (more…)

Why Store Bought Whiteners Might Leave You Disappointed

When you are looking to make improvements to your tooth color, you may choose to pick up a toothpaste that advertises extra whitening potency. You may also look at different over the counter products that offer whitening benefits. What you should know is that many of the products you pick up at the grocery store or pharmacy will be effective against surface stains, but can leave deeper stains in place. For a significant smile improvement where your teeth become many shades brighter, consider taking home a whitening kit from your dentist. With professional whitening agents, stains deeper in your enamel can be addressed, so your results can be more dramatic. (more…)

Can Dental Bonding Be Enough For Your Cosmetic Needs?

Will dental bonding satisfy your desire for smile improvements? This cosmetic dental procedure can be popular with patients because it offers esthetic fixes that can be gained at a lower cost, and in less time, than is required for receiving porcelain veneers. You can fix issues like discoloration, dental damage, and some spacing issues by undergoing a dental bonding treatment. Depending on the number of teeth you are interested in having addressed, you may be able to complete your procedure in a single appointment. If you are interested in improving your smile, but feel unsure of what steps to take, a cosmetic consultation with your dentist can help you determine the best course of action. (more…)

Take Part In The Allen Community Garage Sale Oct 7

On Saturday, October 7, you can participate in the Allen Community Garage Sale at Joe Farmer Recreation Center. This event makes it possible for Allen residents to set up their own booth, and offer up items you are ready to send to a new home. Of course, local families are also encouraged to come out and see what products are on offer, and pick up some great secondhand products. Vendor spaces are available to rent, but admission to browse will be offered at no charge. The Allen Community Garage Sale helps local residents turn unwanted products into cash, and give you an opportunity to come in contact with your neighbors. (more…)

Long-Term Protection From Your Dental Crown

Your dental crown is up against a tough job. Our teeth are incredibly durable, having to endure frequent biting and chewing pressures. When you need restorative care for a serious tooth problem, a dental crown can provide the support you need. With your restoration securely in place, you can enjoy regular biting and chewing functions without worrying about a vulnerable tooth. There are several material types available to construct your crown. Some materials offer extra strength, while others are able to mimic a natural tooth material, so that your smile keeps it natural look. (more…)

How Does Wear And Tear Form On Teeth?

Wear and tear will accumulate on your teeth over the years simply because your teeth take regular impacts from biting and chewing. This can make teeth appear aged or less healthy, particularly if habits like teeth grinding increase the frequency of damage. If you are bothered by wear and tear showing up on teeth, your dentist can help. In many cases, cosmetic dental care can make the necessary improvements. If your damage has built up to the point that it complicates your oral health, restorative dental work may be needed. (more…)

Enjoy The Texas Blues Legends Revue Sept 22

On Friday, September 22, the Allen Public Library Civic Auditorium will play host to the Texas Blues Legends Revue. The members of the Texas Blues Revue Band have all played with Freddie King’s blues band at different points of their career. Prior to the concert, attendees will be shown a special documentary on Freddie King’s legendary life and career. Allen residents will have the opportunity to learn more about a classic artist, and enjoy a night of terrific music. This celebration of King’s iconic career is free to attend. (more…)

Schedule Back-To-School Dental Checkups For Your Kids!

Before long, Allen schools will once again start to fill up with kids, and the new year will be underway. One thing you can do for your kids before their classes start again is to make sure they have the checkup before they return. Regular dental visits can be particularly important for kids, who are still learning how to effectively treat their smiles. At their back-to-school appointment, your dentist can make sure they undergo an expert dental cleaning, and have a careful check for any possible problems that may need to be addressed. Of course, while you bring your kids in, you can make sure your oral health needs are cared for by making your own appointment for preventive dental care. (more…)

Is It Time To For Your Child To Receive Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants help kids avoid cavities. After your child’s teeth are cleaned and etched (so the sealants will stick), your dentist can apply the material, which can offer years of lasting protection. After sealants are placed, teeth have a protective layer that will keep bacteria and food debris from leading to smile troubles. While sealants will wear away over time, they can offer extended protection because they can last longer in the pits and grooves of molars, areas that can be harder to keep clean. Sealants can be most effective when placed on your child’s secondary (adult) teeth shortly after they arrive. (more…)

A Filling Restores Your Tooth, And Protects Your Appearance

A dental filling has a simple, but important, task. A cavity is created when oral bacteria cause enough decay to create an opening in your tooth. To stop that cavity from continuing to grow – and to stop the spread of bacteria – your dentist will remove the infected area. This leaves your tooth vulnerable thanks to this loss of material. A tooth filling will reside in this opening, protecting your tooth from future decay or damage. The use of composite resin in making fillings means that support comes from a material that can mimic your appearance, so that your looks are not altered by the presence of this restoration. (more…)