How Veneers Change The Shape Of Damaged Or Flawed Teeth

When one tooth appears out of place among its neighbors, it can harm your confidence in your smile. The problem can be even more frustrating if you have several teeth that appear misshapen, either due to their natural development, or because of a dental injury. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office can provide support for you in this situation through cosmetic dental work. If you want to improve the shape or size of teeth, you can be impressed at how successful porcelain veneers can be at making these changes for you. At the end of this single procedure, you can observe a profound difference in the quality of your smile! (more…)

Receive A Dependable, Attractive Restoration After A Cavity

Cavities do irreversible damage to your tooth structure. If nothing is done to protect the tooth after a cavity was removed, you would face a heightened risk for a new infection, while also having less support from that tooth when you bite and chew. This is why a high quality dental restoration is so important to your long-term oral health. After all, your restoration will need to effectively provide permanent support. Fortunately, your Allen, TX dentist’s office provides dental fillings and dental crowns that can maintain their shape and support over a long period of time. You can also be happy to know that these restorations have the ability to match the look of your tooth structure, so there is no cosmetic issue created by the presence of a filling or crown. (more…)

Protect Your Smile From Issues Related To Teeth Grinding

Waking up after a night of grinding your teeth means waking up with facial and dental pain. Continuing to experience a nightly teeth grinding habit, known as bruxism, can mean experiencing serious dental trauma! Your Allen, TX dentist is prepared to help you put a stop to this habit. A special oral appliance worn at night can be customized to fit you, and stay in place while you sleep. When used, it will keep your teeth safe from the painful effects of bruxism. If you are seeking care after teeth grinding issues have already done damage to your smile, you can look into options for restorative dental work to protect those teeth. (more…)

Could Your Child Use More Help Preventing Cavities?

Protecting your child’s smile is certainly part of your larger overall goal of keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to help them manage their oral health when they fail to understand the importance of protecting their teeth from cavities, or when they simply lack an understanding of proper oral care. Pediatric dental exams can offer significant benefits when it comes to protecting kids against tooth decay. In addition to providing them extra support against oral bacteria, your Allen, TX dentist can provide them with the kind of guidance that makes it easier for them to understand how to keep their teeth clean, and their smile healthy! (more…)

Not Attending Regular Dental Exams? Here’s What You Miss

Without regular dental exams, you can fail to realize what is really going on with your oral health. Unfortunately, people can avoid the dentist’s office, and skip out on regular dental exams, until they become concerned about a possible oral health problem. What you should know is that when you attend regular checkups, your Allen, TX dentist can identify trouble that can be addressed before you start to feel unpleasant effects. Because these visits also include professional teeth cleanings, they also give you better protection against the kind of issues that make procedures necessary, too. If you want to give your smile the best possible protection, make sure you defend your teeth at home with daily care, while also going in for checkups. (more…)

Carefully Restoring Your Smile Through Cosmetic Work

Problems with the condition of your teeth can gradually affect how confident you are in your smile. Wear and tear can be unavoidable, simply because your teeth are tasked with a difficult job. Over time, biting and chewing will create friction that can potentially change their shape, and may lead to your smile appearing older, or less even. You can also face problems because of nightly teeth grinding, which can increase the amount of friction placed on teeth. Your Allen, TX dentist can talk to you about using cosmetic dental work to hide these changes, and restore your appearance.  (more…)

Stop Trying To Ignore The Painful Effects Of TMJ Dysfunction

Putting up with chronic headaches, difficulties with biting and chewing, and other symptoms connected to TMJ dysfunction (TMD) can make your life needlessly difficult. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office can explain how these issues can be connected to problems with your jaw joints, and how a custom appliance can help put a stop to your problems. Our practice can also make sure you have an appliance that protects you against nightly teeth grinding, a problem known as bruxism. Treating bruxism promptly can be especially important, because this problem can eventually lead to serious dental damage if it is not stopped in time. (more…)

Selecting The Right Restoration To Address A Cavity

Your goal should be to remain totally unfamiliar with the process of restoring a tooth damaged by a cavity. If you keep up with smart habits at home, limit your consumption of sugary and acidic products, and schedule regular dental exams, you can keep your risk for problems low. Unfortunately, people who are confident about their strategy for avoiding troubles can wind up with tooth decay. Your Allen, TX dentist can provide you with an effective treatment that protects your tooth, and preserves the way your smile looks. We can also arrange treatment to make sure an advanced cavity does not put your tooth at risk of serious troubles. (more…)

Tooth Loss Can Interfere With Your Long-Term Oral Health

If you think about the effect of tooth loss on your life today, you can identify several frustrating issues that you have to deal with because of this problem. You can point out the effect an incomplete smile can have on how you look, and your confidence. You can also consider the impact of tooth loss on your dental function. After all, one lost tooth is enough to make biting, chewing, and speaking harder. What you should recognize is that tooth loss is more than just a daily problem. In the long term, you can face a higher risk for tooth loss, experience painful jaw problems, and lose mass in your jawbone. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office can offer a modern approach to addressing tooth loss. (more…)

Proper Smile Care At Home, And At The Dentist’s Office

Your regular dental exams and dental cleanings should not be your ONLY effort to keep your teeth healthy. Proper smile care takes effective daily habits. That means brushing and flossing effectively, as well as making an effort to avoid foods and drinks that are higher in sugar, and more likely to cause tooth decay. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you sustain a healthy smile during every routine dental visit. You can also use these appointments to discuss your oral health habits at home, and find out how you can best protect your teeth and gums from trouble. (more…)