We Are Ready To Provide Urgent Care For Our Patients

When you start to suffer from dental pain or experience a dental injury, you might find waiting for an appointment difficult. At our Allen, TX dental office, we provide our patients with access to emergency dental visits when they need them. In the event that you need an injured tooth restored, or you find yourself with significant dental discomfort, we can bring you in for the appropriate restorative dental care without a frustrating delay. It is important to act quickly when something might be wrong with your oral health. Your tooth’s condition can worsen over time, and that can lead to new problems and more involved treatment. (more…)

Creating Your Personal Full-Mouth Reconstruction Plan

When an individual does not keep up with routine dental exams, they can allow more than one oral health issue to develop and affect their well-being. The unfortunate reality of life without professional dental care is that you may find yourself with multiple oral health concerns that need to be addressed. You may also feel that your smile has become less attractive, which can make you self-conscious. At our Allen, TX dental office, we understand that returning to the dentist’s office after a long absence can be uncomfortable. When patients require multiple procedures to restore their oral health, we can offer support through a full-mouth reconstruction plan. Your plan will be based on your needs, and can help you fully recover from oral health and cosmetic concerns. (more…)

Restoring Your Full Smile With All-On-4 Implant Dentures

Life with missing or severely unhealthy teeth can be challenging, and it can make a person deeply unhappy with the way they look. At our Allen, TX dental practice, we are ready to help our patients see major life improvements with All-On-4 implant dentures! With four carefully placed dental implants, it is possible to keep a full denture secure. In addition to giving a person a confident, attractive smile, this restoration also makes it easier for people to bite and chew! It should be noted that if you delay the restoration of your full smile, problems associated with tooth loss can create complications that add to a person’s overall treatment time. (more…)

We Have Treatment Options To Effectively Whiten Your Smile

If your smile is starting to appear dull, your first instinct may be to try a whitening toothpaste, or reach for a whitening treatment on the shelf of your local grocery store. While these products can be used to effectively remove surface stains on your teeth, you may be less than thrilled by the overall improvements that you see. At our Allen, TX dental practice, you can see more significant results thanks to a professional cosmetic dental procedure! In addition to offering professional whitening treatments for patients, we can discuss additional cosmetic services that can have a great effect on the way you look. (more…)

We Have Tips To Help You Avoid Cavities From Halloween Candy

With Halloween less than a week away, your kids may be anxiously awaiting their chance to go trick-or-treating. Even before this annual tradition, the Halloween season can leave families with more access to candy than usual, which can be a problem for everyone’s smiles. Because kids often have a hard time restraining themselves, they can wind up with cavities after Halloween. Parents can sometimes find themselves in need of treatment for dental decay for the same reason! At our Allen, TX dental office, we are able to provide important preventive dental care for kids, as well as for adults. We are also prepared to safely and carefully restore teeth damaged by cavities. (more…)

Can Your Dentist Help You Enjoy A Better Night’s Rest?

If you want to take steps to improve your smile, you can be confident in your dentist’s ability to help. Would you be surprised to hear that your dentist is also prepared to help you if you have issues connected to sleep? At our Allen, TX dental office, we can provide important support to people who have issues with snoring, including people who snore because of obstructive sleep apnea. We can also protect you against bruxism, which can have a destructive effect on your smile. In both cases, treatment can help you avoid potentially serious complications that can negatively impact your quality of life. (more…)

Using Veneers To Successfully Deal With Dental Flaws

When you find yourself unhappily examining your smile in the mirror, but hiding it when your picture is being taken, it might be time to consider cosmetic dental work. While some people have flaws due to naturally occurring problems with their teeth, others can experience changes over time that make their teeth appear discolored, worn, and generally less attractive to them. At our Allen, TX dental practice, we are prepared to help individuals who want to show off a confident smile. By placing porcelain veneers over problem teeth, we can help you address many different flaws that might be hurting the quality of your appearance. In addition to covering up many problems at once, veneers provide long-term durability, so you can continue to show off your improvements for many years! (more…)

Is It Time For Your Child’s First Trip To See The Dentist?

It can be hard to accept that your little one is growing up. It may not be fun to think about their aging, but it is important to pay attention to their development, particularly if you want to make sure you are keeping pace with medical milestones. Around the time when your child turns two years old, you should make plans for them to see a dentist. At our Allen, TX dental office, we are ready to welcome your kid for their first appointment, and we can go out of our way to make sure they feel at ease with us. After that first visit, we can begin providing important pediatric dental services to ensure their teeth stay healthy over the years! (more…)

Your Dental Crown Can Put An End To Biting And Chewing Pain

Life with a toothache can quickly become difficult, and frustrating. No matter how tasty a meal might be, you can struggle to enjoy it because of discomfort you experience while biting and chewing. What you should know is that if this pain is not addressed, a problem with your oral health can go untreated. This can lead to the situation worsening, and creating new complications that you will have to worry about! At our Allen, TX dental practice, we can examine a problem tooth, and determine what treatment might be required. To provide lasting support, and meaningful functional improvement, we can put a custom dental crown in place to make you more comfortable, and to prevent further troubles. (more…)

Is Your Smile At Risk Due To Poor Brushing Habits?

While it should be part of a larger plan to keep your smile healthy, your brushing routine is certainly important! While people often believe that they have an effective approach to brushing, many will be surprised to find out in the future that they need restorative dental work because of a cavity. This is because a person’s idea of “good” brushing habits may not be as effective as they suspect. You may be consistent about brushing two times a day, but are you spending enough time taking care of your teeth each time? Are you switching toothbrushes often enough? If you are unsure of the answer to these questions, it may be time to re-examine your daily oral care routine…before you develop dental troubles! (more…)