Drinking More Water Can Improve Your Oral Health

If you have poor brushing and flossing habits, it would make sense to recommend improving how you take care of your teeth. What you should understand is that when it comes to daily care, your problem might lie elsewhere. One way you can help your smile is by drinking more water. There are cosmetic and oral health advantages to this. Choosing water over flavored beverages like soda cuts the total amount of sugar you have at a particular meal. You can also prevent dry mouth by staying better hydrated. It should also be noted that if your water source contains fluoride, you can enjoy better cavity defense, as this mineral increases the strength of your enamel. Good daily care, along with routine dental exams, can seriously improve your ability to avoid cavities. (more…)

Your Teeth Grinding Habit Can Do Serious Dental Damage

The tremendous force our jaws can generate certainly makes biting and chewing easier, but it spells trouble for people dealing with bruxism. A person with bruxism has a habit of grinding their teeth unconsciously, and often while they are asleep. When this is not addressed, you can suffer dental damage. Minor cases of damage can require cosmetic dental work to hide the harm to your appearance. However, people with bruxism can do enough harm to require restorative dental care. The pressure placed on your teeth and jaws can also lead to TMJ disorder (TMD). (more…)

Addressing Tooth Loss With Dental Implants

Dental implants enable your dentist to provide you with a stable, long-term answer to tooth loss. The implant serves as a sort of artificial root, which secures the dental prosthetic that you receive. If you qualify for placement, the implant will be surgically placed in your jawbone – the titanium post actually takes the spot that once held your tooth root. After a necessary healing period, you will receive your restoration, which can serve as a life-like substitute for missing teeth. Implants can help patients who need to replace several teeth, as well as those looking for a permanent solution to the loss of a single tooth. (more…)

Delaying A Cavity Treatment Can Be Costly

Why should you prioritize a cavity treatment? If you leave tooth decay without care, the problem will worsen over time. As decay continues to spread, you are losing more of your tooth structure to this irreparable harm. At the point a cavity exposes your tooth’s pulp to oral bacteria, you will need a root canal procedure, something you could have prevented if you had gone in for restorative dental care sooner. With prompt care, you can ensure that the cavity your dentist treats is smaller, and you can save more of your tooth from needing to be removed. (more…)

Check Out The Step Up To Health Festival June 19

On Monday, June 19, you and your family can come out to the Step Up To Health Festival. This event is intended to help Allen families connect with the many health and wellness activities offered in our town. In addition to learning about these different opportunities and services, you can speak with vendors, enjoy arts and crafts, and enjoy interactive demos! This free event, hosted by the city of Allen, encourages good, healthy living among our residents. It also serves as a fun outing for your family, and a chance to better acquaint yourself with the services, and people, of the community. (more…)

Taking Home A Professional Whitening Treatment

If you have been feeling self-conscious about the quality of your smile lately because of enamel stains, you can address the matter with your dentist’s help. Many people can become concerned that whitening agents only have a limited effect, based on the results of products they purchased over the counter. What you should know is that your dentist can supply you with a whitening treatment that can attack even stains that have settled into your enamel. In fact, you can pick up products from your dentist that you can use from the comfort of your own home! If you are ready to see your smile return to its former brilliance, talk to your dentist about receiving a professional whitening kit. (more…)

Do Dental Visits Make Your Child Nervous?

How much coercing and arguing goes into your typical effort to bring your child to see their dentist? While many children have no problem going to the dentist, other can experience feelings of anxiety about it (of course, the same can be said of adults, too). One way to improve the odds of your child feeling comfortable at the dentist is to start their visits early. Children who start seeing their dentist at a younger age can be made to feel more at ease about oral care. Parents are encouraged to bring their child in for their first visit by around their second birthday. (more…)

You Might Have A Cavity And Not Realize It

A cavity forms when bacteria on your teeth have harmed your enamel to the point that an opening is created. Once this occurs, your enamel will not be able to recover on its own, and you will need to undergo a restorative dental treatment. So how is it possible that something like this can escape your notice? You may overlook a cavity in its early stages because it is hard for you to see, and it will not attack the tooth’s nerves until it grows more severe. If you want to improve your chances of catching a cavity before it becomes serious enough to grab your attention, make sure you keep up with regular dental exams. (more…)

The Inaugural Collin County Tournament Of Champions June 3-4

Find your golfing partner and start practicing, because the inaugural Collin County Tournament Of Champions all-ages golf tournament is happening Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4. Teams of two will compete to claim this title over a contest at the The Courses At Watters Creek. You can find a friend and take part (only one of you must be a Collin County resident – your partner can reside outside the area), or check out a day of spirited local competition. Of course, you can always check out the course and enjoy some practice rounds before the tournament. (more…)

Why Does Tooth Loss Affect A Person’s Jawbone?

Your teeth are securely embedded in your jawbone. The stability this arrangement provides helps make it possible for your teeth to stay in position when you take on the impact of biting and chewing food. In return for providing this support, your jawbone benefits because the stimulation created from biting and chewing helps to sustain proper blood flow to the bone, so its needed nutrients are delivered. What happens if that stimulation goes away? For people who have suffered tooth loss, this is more than just a hypothetical – if you lose teeth, and lose that stimulation, your jawbone can begin to deteriorate. Securing a prosthetic with a dental implant can protect you against this problem. (more…)