Can Periods Of Stress Impact Your Oral Health?

While stress is hardly something people like to live with, it can also be something that is difficult to completely avoid. What this means is that effective stress management can be important for a person’s well-being. One reason to be mindful of the effects of stress is that it can actually interfere with your oral health. You may have a harder time sticking to smile-friendly behaviors, and you may be more susceptible to dry mouth. You can also have a greater risk for developing a teeth grinding habit. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, we want our patients to know how they can best protect their teeth and gums from problems. In addition to providing preventive care through regular dental exams and dental cleanings, we can help you identify different issues in your daily life that can affect your risk for dental troubles. (more…)

Take Steps To Manage And Avoid Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is hard to ignore, and it can cause real alarm for you. Even if the pain feels manageable, you can be unsure of why you have this problem, and what treatment might involve. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office is prepared to take care of you if you have a dental emergency related to tooth pain. With that said, you can benefit from measures that help you control your level of discomfort and avoid future issues with pain or sensitivity. While some problems that cause dental pain are already serious enough to require restorative dental work, it may be possible to protect yourself if something like pain from teeth grinding is responsible for how you feel. (more…)

A Family Dentist Can Provide Care To Parents And Kids!

Is everyone in your family enjoying enough protection against tooth decay and gum disease? Parents and kids can have different needs when it comes to what kind of dental treatment experience benefits them. With that said, it is possible for you to find a dental practice that is prepared to help people of all ages maintain healthy teeth. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office can make preventive dentistry more convenient by providing you one location for everyone to visit. For kids, we provide important guidance and encouragement in addition to cleanings and exams during pediatric dental checkups. For adults, we can provide ongoing dental care, as well as help with problems like TMD or bruxism, which can occur due to stress, bite problems, or arthritis in your joints. (more…)

When Was Your Last Professional Teeth Cleaning?

While it is important to make sure your daily oral care routine is effective, it is also important to stay consistent with professional teeth cleanings. When you arrange professional teeth cleanings, you undergo care that can remove plaque buildup as well as tartar, which reduces your risk for developing problems with tooth decay or gum disease. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, we provide patients with thorough teeth cleanings whenever they see is for a preventive dental exam. Through these services, we can help you stay on top of your smile care needs and maintain your oral health. (more…)

Struggling With Tooth Pain? Root Canal Treatment Can Help

Can you imagine choosing to live with tooth pain? If you have a say in the matter, it seems hard to imagine you might want to live with discomfort that interferes with the way you bite, chew, and even speak. Unfortunately, people sometimes make this choice because they do not reach out for help when they are experiencing pain. In many cases, persistent tooth pain is linked to internal problems that can be addressed with a root canal procedure. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, we can determine if a root canal procedure might be necessary for you, and take care of the matter so that you no longer have to live with your discomfort. (more…)

Embarrassed By Your Chipped Tooth? Dental Bonding Can Help

Your once-confident smile can be badly affected by a chipped tooth, even if the actual harm to that tooth is minimal. Chips, cracks, and other damages can lead to visible changes in your appearance – without the appropriate treatment, those issues can be permanent. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, we can take on a problem like dental damage through cosmetic dental treatment. For a chipped tooth, we can talk with you about the advantages of dental bonding. This work does not require the use of any restorations. Instead, we use a composite resin material to cover the tooth, which can effectively hide chips or any other esthetic issues related to damage. Because there is no need for a permanent restoration, this procedure can often be completed in a single appointment. (more…)

We Make Emergency Dental Treatments Available For Patients

Sometimes, a problem with your smile is not something you can simply ignore or wait to have treated. If you damage, loosen, or lose a tooth after an injury, or if you begin to experience significant tooth pain, you may need to reach out for emergency dentistry. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, patients who find themselves in one of these situations can reach out to us for prompt support. By reacting quickly to a problem, we can put a stop to your discomfort, and start work to fully restore your smile and oral health. (more…)

What Concerns Can Full-Mouth Reconstruction Address?

Can restorative dentistry focus on more than just the treatment of a cavity? If you have gone an extended period of time without access to the dentist’s office, it is possible for multiple problems to affect your smile. In this situation, it may take a series of procedures to fully address your needs when it comes to matters that affect your oral health and appearance. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help by working out a full-mouth reconstruction plan with you! Your full-mouth reconstruction can address the problems that currently affect your dental health, as well as any concerns you might have about the way you look. (more…)

Can Your New Dental Crown Help Restore Your Smile?

If your tooth is damaged by decay or physical trauma, a dental crown may be needed to effectively restore it and protect it from further harm. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, patients can come to us to receive a dental crown that provides safety for a vulnerable tooth, as well as support for comfortable biting and chewing. If you have a tooth in a visible area that requires treatment, we do provide restorations that are designed to look like a natural tooth. Because of this, we can help you feel confident that your dental work is not going to change your smile! (more…)

Is It Time To Ask Your Dentist For Help With Teeth Stains?

Do teeth stains affect your confidence? Have you already tried to deal with the problem by using store-bought whiteners, but felt let down by the results? Even with an effective brushing and flossing routine in place, you can have stains build up over time and affect the color of your smile. The stains that have accumulated can settle beneath the surface of your enamel and become harder to address, making it seem as though you are stuck with dull teeth. What you should know is that your Allen, TX dentist can provide you with a professional whitening treatment. Professional whitening agents can provide a more potent effect, so they can remove discoloration that has been difficult to address with over the counter products. (more…)