Restoring Smile Problems By Placing Dental Crowns

It can be frustrating to know that a vulnerable tooth is going to require permanent support. This is part of why cavities are so concerning – every bit of damage done by decay will be irreversible. Dental damage can also make restorative dental treatment necessary, as a chipped or cracked tooth cannot repair itself. Fortunately, your Allen, TX dentist can use a dental crown to provide protection that looks great, and helps you guard your tooth against further troubles. A crown will cover the entire tooth above your gum line. Once your dentist has it secured, you can feel confident in your ability to bite and chew food, and comfortable with how you look when you smile.  (more…)

Recognizing The Effects Of Frequent Teeth Grinding

If you wake up in the morning with sore or sensitive teeth, you may be noticing the effects of bruxism. In the short term, an issue with nightly teeth grinding can be uncomfortable, but the problem can lead to serious dental damage if it continues. It is possible for you to apply so much force to your teeth when clenching your jaw that you wind up with chips or cracks that make restorative dental work necessary! Fortunately, help is available to address this problem. Your Allen, TX dentist can offer you a special oral appliance that you can wear while you sleep to keep your teeth safe. Your dentist can also work with you if you are experiencing related issues with TMD. (more…)

How Concerned Should I Be About An Infected Tooth?

How worried should you be if your tooth becomes infected? Because this issue can lead to the loss of your tooth, and other alarming complications, this is an issue that deserves serious attention. While an infection often occurs because of an advanced cavity, an injury can allow an infection to form. If you experience pain or sensitivity with a tooth, you may be picking up on the warnings that an infection has occurred. Your Allen, TX dentist is ready to help when this problem affects you. Through a root canal procedure, the tooth’s infected tissues can be cleared away, and your smile can be protected from further harm. You can also count on support in the form of a dental crown, which can be made to look like a natural tooth.  (more…)

Take Part In Allen’s Holly Jolly Celebration On Nov 30!

On Friday, November 30, Allen area families will have a chance to gather together for a special holiday lighting event! The annual Christmas tree lighting for the city will be taking place that night as part of the Holly Jolly Celebration. In addition to the lighting event, there will be carriage rides, toy train rides, a special vendor’s market, and more! The holidays provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy family time, but they also bring a number of not-so-healthy treats into our lives. If you want to make sure your teeth stay in good shape, pay attention to your brushing and flossing habits – while these efforts are always important, they can be especially important when your teeth are at more risk for trouble. You should also make sure to schedule regular care with your Allen, TX in the form of a routine dental exam. (more…)

Carefully Studying The Health Of Your Smile At Every Exam

How confident should you be in the health of your smile at this moment? While the absence of symptoms can make it seem like your teeth are in good shape, you may not realize when a cavity first starts forming. Unfortunately, it is possible for a cavity to escape your notice, and continue to do harm to your enamel. Fortunately, this is the kind of issue that your Allen, TX dentist’s office can spot during a routine dental exam. During these exams, your teeth and periodontal tissues are being carefully reviewed for any possible concerns. Early detection can result in the early treatment that limits the overall impact of a dental problem on your smile. This is important, as a cavity’s effects are permanent, and the damage is irreversible.  (more…)

Enjoy The Festive Light The Night Event At Watters Creek!

On Saturday, November 17, Watters Creek in Allen will host a special, festive event to help celebrate the holiday season. The Light The Night event encourages families to come out and enjoy caroling, sleigh rides, and entertainment, all leading to the lighting of the Christmas tree! The night will end with a “lighting” of the night’s sky in the form of a fireworks show. Of course, you can also spend your time checking in on your favorite shops, and enjoying a nice meal. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office knows that the holidays – while lots of fun – can be less of a treat for teeth. You can schedule routine dental care with us, or reach out if you have a concern about your smile. (more…)

Choosing A Cosmetic Procedure That Can Transform Your Smile

While some dental flaws are relatively minor, and can be improved with focused care, some problems can feel more significant, and appear more difficult to address. Fortunately, your Allen, TX dentist can offer cosmetic dental work that can make remarkable changes to the way you look. You can also look forward to making those changes in less time than you realize. For instance, you can make improvements to multiple flaws with multiple teeth when you plan to receive porcelain veneers, a process which can be completed in as little as two appointments. If you have questions about what a cosmetic procedure can do for you, schedule a consultation to find out more. (more…)

Dental Pain Could Be Evidence Of A Serious Smile Problem

While dental pain can arrive in multiple forms, there is one thing that is consistent – you should take persistent discomfort seriously. If you have a chronic pain in a tooth, or if you have regular struggles with biting, chewing, and speaking because of jaw troubles, these could be signs of trouble that your Allen, TX dentist’s office can address. Many people struggle with pain in their face, jaw, and neck because of TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder. If you have a toothache that is not leaving, it could be an indication of an infection. When these problems occur, you should know that they can continue to create trouble for you until they are treated. (more…)

Are You Leaving Tartar On Your Teeth?

What are you doing to make sure your smile is safe against the threat of tartar buildup. Unfortunately, you cannot remove this stubborn material by brushing and flossing, though these actions can help you prevent tartar’s formation. If you want to ensure that any accumulated tartar buildups are removed, you can count on a professional teeth cleaning to help. During regular dental exams at your Allen, TX dentist’s office, you can look forward to a thorough cleaning that rids harmful plaque and tartar from your teeth. By having this substance addressed, you can lower the risk you face for periodontal problems, and tooth decay. (more…)

Why We Take Your Cavity Treatment So Seriously

You may not realize just how bad a cavity can be for your tooth, and for your overall oral health. When problems with tooth decay are promptly caught and dealt with, the ultimate harm done can be minimized. However, when a cavity forms and goes untreated, your condition can worsen in worrying ways. You can experience an internal tooth infection that causes you pain, and puts that tooth’s health in jeopardy. Oral bacteria can continue spreading, and can spread to your jawbone. Fortunately, your Allen, TX dentist’s office is ready to offer restorative dental care if you require it. You can also count on early detection for problems, as regular dental exams create opportunities to look for those early signs of decay. (more…)