Tooth Loss Can Interfere With Your Long-Term Oral Health

If you think about the effect of tooth loss on your life today, you can identify several frustrating issues that you have to deal with because of this problem. You can point out the effect an incomplete smile can have on how you look, and your confidence. You can also consider the impact of tooth loss on your dental function. After all, one lost tooth is enough to make biting, chewing, and speaking harder. What you should recognize is that tooth loss is more than just a daily problem. In the long term, you can face a higher risk for tooth loss, experience painful jaw problems, and lose mass in your jawbone. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office can offer a modern approach to addressing tooth loss. (more…)

Proper Smile Care At Home, And At The Dentist’s Office

Your regular dental exams and dental cleanings should not be your ONLY effort to keep your teeth healthy. Proper smile care takes effective daily habits. That means brushing and flossing effectively, as well as making an effort to avoid foods and drinks that are higher in sugar, and more likely to cause tooth decay. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you sustain a healthy smile during every routine dental visit. You can also use these appointments to discuss your oral health habits at home, and find out how you can best protect your teeth and gums from trouble. (more…)

Challenging Stains Can Be Addressed With A Whitening Kit

People who feel their teeth have become discolored can find that store bought whitening products sometimes struggle to return their smile to their desired level of brightness. As time passes, and stains accumulate on your enamel, particles that affect the color of your teeth can build up below the surface of your teeth. While store bought products are effective at taking on surface stains, they can be less helpful when you are trying to make bigger improvements. Fortunately, your Allen, TX dentist’s office can provide you with a professional whitening kit that makes bigger changes possible. (more…)

Providing Oral Health Support For Parents And Children

You can spend plenty of time – and energy – keeping up with young children, and helping them understand the world around them. If you want them to keep their teeth in good condition, you will need to help them understand the value of good oral health habits. Fortunately, you are not the only one who can work with them on matters that concern their smile – your Allen, TX dentist can also help with this. During pediatric dental exams with younger patients, your dentist can take the time to give guidance on proper oral care treatments. This is in addition to providing them the kind of preventive dental services that also help adult patients. (more…)

Enjoy Great Easter Fun At The Eggcelent Family Adventure

The Allen, TX community can look forward to a fun Easter gathering, as the city will be hosting its Eggcelent Family Adventure! During this special event, you can bring your family to the Allen Civic Plaza to take part in fun holiday activities. You can enjoy Easter Trick-Or-Treating, the Eggcelent Eggdrop, and more fun experiences, while having fun with friends and neighbors. While Easter Egg hunts and other family activities can be great fun, be careful not to overindulge with Easter candy. If you want to make sure your smile is healthy after the holiday, remember that your Allen, TX dentist can thoroughly evaluate your teeth during every routine dental appointment. (more…)

Find Out How Your Dentist Can Help You Address Sleep Issues

Would you typically think of your dentist as someone who can help you with a problem that affects your ability to sleep? While it might seem strange, there are situations where your Allen, TX dentist can help you manage a nighttime issue that impacts your rest, or your quality of life. You can enjoy assistance with a snoring habit, even if the problem is related to sleep apnea. Your dentist is also ready to work with you if you struggle with nightly teeth grinding. Both of these problems, if left untreated, can create serious concerns. (more…)

If You Ignore A Toothache, You Can Create New Troubles

If you think the easiest way to “deal” with tooth pain is to just avoid the tooth when you bite and chew, you could be putting yourself at risk for serious dental troubles. Your tooth could be hurting, or sensitive, because you have an untreated infection. If nothing is done, bacteria within your tooth can spread, and create further harm. You can also tax your jaw joints and muscles when you try to bite and chew abnormally, which can start to create additional pains. Your Allen, TX dentist can work with you to identify the reason for your pain, and recommend the appropriate restorative dental procedure. (more…)

How A Consistent Flossing Routine Protects Your Smile

What makes flossing so important to your overall efforts to maintain a healthy smile? After all, when you brush effectively, you can defend your smile by eliminating harmful oral bacteria, and by removing any stubborn food debris still clinging to your teeth. This is certainly an important and beneficial practice! With that said, you are missing something important – if you skip flossing, you ignore those spaces where your teeth meet, which are hard to reach through brushing. If you have questions about your oral care routine, or your oral health, remember that your Allen, TX dentist is ready to provide support during your routine dental checkups. (more…)

How Your Choices Each Morning Can Impact Your Oral Health

The way you start your day can be important, and not just for how it sets your mood, and prepares you for your daily responsibilities. Your typical morning habits can have a big impact on your overall oral health. In fact, if you want to successfully avoid dental problems, you should pay attention to the ways in which you might be helping or hurting your teeth. Are you taking enough time each morning to thoroughly brush? How is your normal breakfast affecting your oral health? A smart smile routine should combine good daily behaviors with regular dental exams with your Allen, TX dentist. (more…)

Take Part In The Allen Eagle Run On March 2!

By joining the Allen Eagle Run, you can help the Allen community while also taking care of your physical fitness. On Saturday, March 2, the Allen Eagle Run will encourage residents to take part in two races – you can take on the 5K run, or join the one mile fun run. By competing in this event, you help to raise funds for Allen’s school district, which means your contributions are helping local teachers and students! Running helps you manage your weight, and maintain good cardiovascular health. Regular dental visits with your Allen, TX dentist can help you maintain a healthy smile, as these visits lead to great care in the form of careful exams, and professional dental cleanings. (more…)