Will A Snore Guard Improve Your Sleep?

snore guardWhen we snore, this not only drives our significant other crazy, but this could also be a warning sign of poor sleep and even an indicator of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Fortunately, your Allen, TX, dentist has a unique treatment option to address these issues comfortably. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the benefits of a snore guard.

Snoring and OSA

We snore when the tissues in the back of our mouth and in the throat become too relaxed and collapse as we sleep. This partially blocks air passages, and as air is forced past these tissues as we breathe, a loud sound is created. Snoring could also lead to OSA a disorder in which the air passages are completely blocked, which causes the person to stop breathing for brief periods. Despite rarely remembering these episodes of breathing cessation, they can happen hundreds of times a night and interrupt your sleep cycle, so you feel exhausted during the day and in the long-term, could experience strain on your immune system and cardiovascular system.

Creating Your Guard

We start by taking detailed impressions and images of your smile. We use these details to craft an oral appliance that fits over the teeth like a mouthguard. We design them to not only fit comfortably, but to move the jaw forward slightly as you sleep, preventing the collapse of soft tissues and helping you avoid symptoms of minor or moderate OSA, including chronic snoring! You then rest easier and enjoy better quality of life. Aside from snoring, other symptoms include dry mouth, headaches, exhaustion, irritability, and difficulty concentrating on tasks at work or school. If you encounter these potential warning signs, let us know!

Positive Changes to Your Sleep Habits

You can also make positive changes to your sleep habits to help you rest with ease. For example, be sure to lay on your side, not your back, and maintain a regular sleep schedule, which means going to bed and waking up at the same times every day. We urge you to avoid large meals, vigorous exercise, or excessive alcohol in the two hours before bed. Cutting back on caffeinated products is helpful too. Keep your bedroom dark, cool, and free of screens, including computers, smartphones, and TV. These changes help you rest easier and feel more alert during the day. If you have any questions about our snore guard, or about treating OSA, then contact our team today to learn more.

Our Allen, TX Dentist’s Helps Your Rest Easier

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