We’re Talking About Dental Emergencies

dental emergencyWe consider a dental emergency to be any injury or damage to your teeth or gums, or loose or lost restorations like crowns or fillings. Lack of treatment could lead to an increased risk of serious complications, which is why your Allen, TX, dentist offers emergency dentistry. In today’s blog, we’re looking at common emergency situations and giving tips for easing discomfort.

Don’t Ignore Damaged Teeth

When you end up with a damaged tooth, let us know right away. We even suggest a visit if you sustain an injury and no damage is visible, as dental fractures are usually invisible to the naked eye. The outer enamel protects the sensitive inner dentin of your tooth from bacteria. Which means even minor chips and cracks could lead to tooth decay, infection, and eventually, a lost tooth. You should also let us know if a filling or crown comes loose or is lost, as again this exposes sensitive inner tooth structure to harmful bacteria.

Easing Your Discomfort

If you chip or crack a tooth, rinse with warm water and use a cloth or a piece of gauze to control bleeding. A cold compress or ice pack to the side of the face could also reduce swelling. Bring any recoverable pieces of your tooth with you to the office in a small container. Take a pain reliever to ease discomfort. If a tooth is knocked-out completely, then pick it up by the crown, never touch the tooth, and place it in a glass of salt water or milk, bringing it to the office with you. Again, you should take steps to control bleeding or swelling, and take a pain reliever. If a tooth hurts or has an object stuck between it and another tooth, rinse with water and gently floss on either side of the tooth. Then see us right away.

Possible Treatment Options

Call our office and we will set up a time to see you quickly. Our team will then examine your smile and assess the extent of your injury. For some, we could use bonding to repair a tooth in one visit. We also have the ability to place crowns, or replace lost restorations too, returning your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty. Don’t let minor issues lead to more severe problems, give us a call as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about repairing smiles or treating dental emergencies, we’re always happy to talk to you.

Our Allen, TX Dentist’s Office Treats Broken Teeth

Your Allen, TX dentist’s office wants to prevent major emergency issues from leading to discomfort and other complications! To find out more about our emergency dental care, then please call Allen Family Dental at (469) 342-6644.