Lifelike Fillings Can Be Used To Treat Cavities

Allen, TX, dentist offers dental fillings or full mouth reconstrucitons plans

One of your dental team’s top priorities is to help you maintain good oral health. Your biannual checkups can be used to remove plaque, prevent decay, and detect common problems early so that they can be treated. Cavities are one of the most common concerns that dental patients face. If your dentist finds a cavity, they will likely recommend that you have it filled to restore your smile. Today, your Allen, TX, dental team talks about why this restoration is necessary.

The Common Causes Of Decay

Essentially, cavities happen when plaque buildups on your tooth’s surface and begins to wear away your enamel. Your chances of tooth decay occurring may be increased if you snack frequently, eat a diet that is high in sugary or acidic foods, or have poor oral hygiene. Although cavities are a common problem, they can be prevented with the proper steps. At home, remember to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. This helps remove bacteria that can accumulate throughout the day. You should also visit your dentist biannually for a cleaning and checkup.

When A Filling Is Necessary

During your biannual checkup, a cleaning and examination will be performed. Your dental hygienist will remove plaque buildup with special tools. Then an examination of your smile will be done with X-rays or other imaging. This can help detect common dental concerns early. Decay may be found through symptoms like new sensitivity in the area, a change in texture, or a visible hole in your tooth. If your dentist finds any of these signs, they may recommend a dental filling or another restoration. The damaged part of your tooth will be removed, and a stronger material will be added to the space left behind. This helps stop the development of decay and restrengthen your pearly whites. We may use composite resin or ceramic materials for this restoration. These options can be matched to the natural shade of your smile and are highly durable.

If You Put Off This Restoration

Decay does not happen overnight. Your cavity can continue to progress if it is left untreated. Once the enamel is worn down, it will begin to break down your dentin and then may enter the pulp of your tooth. If your tooth’s pulp is damaged, a root canal treatment may be necessary to repair your pearly whites. The damaged pulp will be removed, and a stronger material will be used to replace it. This treatment is more invasive than a filling and may take more time to heal. Root canals can help relieve the toothache that is often associated with severe decay. For patients with several oral health concerns, fillings or root canals can be included in a full-mouth reconstruction plan.

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