We Can Help Rebuild Your Smile


Allen, TX, family dentist offers full mouth reconsutruction

Your Allen, TX, family dentist offers several options that can help restore your smile after harm. These may include fillings to save your tooth after a cavity, or crowns to restrengthen the area after damage. However, if you have several concerns that need to be addressed, this may be overwhelming. A full mouth reconstruction plan can help treat several needs at once.

Has It Been A While Since Your Last Checkup?

As a general rule, you should come in for a dental checkup twice a year. These visits include cleaning and examination, which help keep your smile clean and detect problems early. If any concerns are detected, your dentist can create a helpful treatment plan to target them. The benefit of finding common problems early, such as a cavity, is that they can be treated before the decay worsens. If you do not consistently visit your dentist, there may be several problems that will need to be addressed at your next appointment. You may not know that there is anything wrong because many common problems do not show symptoms until they become serious.

A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Can Treat A Variety Of Problems

Your full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan will be personalized to your specific needs. During your visit with your dentist, they will discuss what issues need to be addressed and can schedule these to be done within the same visit. Your reconstruction may be able to help treat dental decay, a broken tooth, missing teeth, and more.

Problems such as dental decay may be treated either with a simple filling or a root canal treatment. This will depend on the severity of the cavity. If the decay is severe, your dentist may recommend a removal to keep your smile healthy. After this, prosthetic replacement options can be discussed to recreate your missing tooth. If your tooth has been harmed or is severely worn down, a crown may be able to restore it. This is a cap that will be placed over the damaged area. It can protect it from further injury and restrengthen the area so that you can chew and speak comfortably.

Discussing Cosmetic Dentistry

Visual enhancements may be included in your FMR plan after your oral health has been improved. These may include whitening, bonding, or porcelain veneers depending on your concern. If your main goal is to have a whiter smile, bonding or a whitening treatment will likely be recommended. If you have several blemishes you would like to correct, veneers may be a more effective option. These porcelain shells can disguise the appearance of discoloration, uneven teeth, and small gaps.

Learn More About Your Options

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