Safe, Reliable Fillings With Composite Resin

allen dental fillingsWhen you have an aching tooth, the cause could be a cavity. To treat a cavity and prevent further discomfort and complications, your Allen, TX, dentist may suggest placing a filling. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain how we use an alternative to traditional metal fillings to create a lifelike and safe restoration.

When You Need a Filling

How do you know if you need to seek a restoration? Well, we typically use them to treat tooth decay, and the common warning signs of a cavity include tooth sensitivity and toothaches that last more than a day. If you have persistent discomfort, let us know. At this stage, the decay is likely pretty advanced and the risk of an infection is heightened. We will examine your smile to identify the presence of a cavity and decide the best course of treatment.

Amalgam vs. Composite Resin

Amalgam restorations are effective, but since they contain a trace amount of mercury they often are not recommended for young children, pregnant women, or the elderly. They could also be problematic for those with certain metal allergies. However, composite resin is metal-free and safe for people of all ages. The material is a blend of glass and acrylic that we color-match to blend with your smile. The material lasts for many years to come, offering a long-term solution to minor and more advanced cases of tooth decay. In fact, we often use the same material to repair damaged teeth in dental bonding procedures.

Placement is simple. We numb the tooth and remove decay from it. We then clean it thoroughly and prepare the filling material. We apply it and then shape the tooth as we cure the material under a special light. We make sure the filling doesn’t alter the bite balance, and then polish the tooth for an esthetically-pleasing appearance. All of this takes only one visit to complete!

Preventing Future Cavities

To reduce your risk of future cavities, we suggest taking time to brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, and always with a fluoride toothpaste. You also need to floss each evening, and try to cut back on sugary foods and drinks, which could feed harmful bacteria. You should see us every six months for a checkup and cleaning too, so we keep an eye on your smile and remove the plaque buildup that could weaken outer enamel. If you have any questions, then give us a call today.

Do You Have an Aching Tooth?

Our team knows that treating tooth decay helps protect smiles from issues like infection or even tooth loss. To learn more about the process of treating tooth decay, then contact Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX today by calling 469-342-6644.