Safeguard Your Smile With Dental Sealants

allen dental sealantsFor children and adults alike, tooth decay poses a serious risk and could mean painful symptoms or even missing teeth with time. To help prevent the onset of cavities, your Allen, TX, dentist may suggest dental sealants. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain how sealants help safeguard your smile from the onset of painful cavities.

The Causes of Tooth Decay

The enamel coating your teeth is the hardest substance in the human body, even tougher than bone! However, that doesn’t mean that poor oral hygiene won’t weaken this protective layer. When we leave food particles trapped between our teeth, bacteria will consume them. In the process, this causes oral acidity levels to rise and coats the teeth in place, which begin to erode the outer enamel. When the enamel becomes compromised, this enables bacteria to reach the inner dentin and eventually the pulp, your tooth’s nerve center. Th resulting cavities will cause painful toothaches and sensitivity, and could even mean tooth loss in severe cases.

Placing Dental Sealants

For children, and adults in certain cases, we can help with dental sealants. Often reaching the rear teeth when we brush and floss is difficult, which could mean particles of food will be left trapped between them. Over time, this means a greater risk of tooth decay. However, with sealants we dry these teeth and apply a special acrylic coating. We then cure the material. The layer is thin, barely visible, and may last anywhere between five and ten years on average. The layer is then a very good defense against bacteria and cavities, keeping smiles healthy. We can also re-apply in the future as necessary!

Fluoride Treatments and Better Oral Hygiene

We also have other options to protect your smile. With fluoride treatments, we apply a special varnish during checkup and cleaning visits, to strengthen the outer enamel. We also remove all plaque and tartar to prevent demineralization and erosion of the protective outer layer. At home, you can help by brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste in the morning and again at night for two minutes. You also benefit from flossing every evening too, and cutting back on sugary foods and drinks, which could feed harmful bacteria. If you have any questions about our preventive treatment options, or about the warning signs and solutions for tooth decay, then contact our team today. We want to help your entire family. From your youngest to the oldest, enjoy healthy and strong smiles in 2021.

Do You Have Questions About Preventive Treatments?

Our team knows how to help protect smiles of all ages from the onset of tooth decay. To learn more about our unique preventive treatments, then contact Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX today by calling 469-342-6644.