Protecting Little Smiles With Dental Sealants

dental sealantsTooth decay impacts people of all ages, and kids could be especially vulnerable, as proper brushing and flossing is often difficult. To help lower the risk of tooth decay and safeguard little smiles, your Allen, TX, dentist may suggest dental sealants. How do these unique acrylic coating prevent cavities? What does placing them involve?

The Causes of Cavities

The enamel coating our teeth protects the sensitive inner layers of structure from exposure to bacteria. However, when a tooth is cracked or chipped, or worn down due to teeth grinding, this exposes these inner structures to bacteria. Poor oral hygiene could also weaken and erode enamel, the demineralization causing cavities to form as well. If you attend six month checkups, we will likely identify them in the earliest stages, otherwise you may not know you need treatment until the later stages, at which point you or your child report tooth sensitivity and toothaches.

The Dental Sealant Process

Dental sealants are a special acrylic coating we place onto the rear molars. These teeth are usually hard for children to reach when they brush and floss. Food particles remain trapped between them, left for bacteria to consume. As a result, plaque buildup forms and the risk of cavities increases. But with a sealant, food cannot be trapped between the rear teeth at all!

We start by cleaning the tooth surfaces and then etching them slightly. We apply the acrylic material, which is shaded to blend with the teeth. They’re very helpful for kids between the ages of 6 and 12, and they tend to last between 3 and 10 years, wearing away with time. Children, and some qualifying adults, then enjoy a lowered risk of cavities with a preventive treatment option.

Cavity Prevention

But then what should we do to help protect little smiles from tooth decay? Along with sealants, be sure your kids brush in the morning and before bed for about two minutes. They should use an age-appropriate toothbrush, and a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Kids also need to floss before bed too! You should help your younger kids, and monitor your older ones to make sure everyone is cleaning their teeth as they should. We also suggest a checkup and cleaning procedure at least once every six months for everyone in your family ages three and up. If you have any questions about dental sealants, or about our preventive approach to children’s dentistry, then contact our team today.

Our Allen, TX Dentist Talks About Cavity Prevention

Your Allen, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you and your family protect your smiles from the onset of tooth decay. To find out more about avoiding the onset of childhood cavities, then please call Allen Family Dental at (469) 342-6644.