3 Habits That Can Help You Improve Your Oral Health

Improving your oral health habits can have an obvious benefit for cavity-prone people, but there are also advantages for people who have sustained a relatively good dental condition. After all, a person’s relative risk for tooth decay can change over time, and your current oral care regimen may not keep you problem-free forever. These helpful habits can benefit your existing routine, which should already include good teeth brushing habits, and regular dental checkups every six months. When you combine personal care at home with professional care from your dentist, you can ensure your smile stays in great shape.

1. Be Sure To Floss Regularly

Brushing your teeth twice a day is important, but you should be sure to make flossing part of your oral care habits, too. When you neglect to floss, you effectively leave the spaces between teeth without needed attention. The combination of flossing and brushing, along with the professional teeth cleanings you receive during checkups, can keep your mouth clean, which lowers your risk for future issues.

2. Order Water – Not Soda – With Your Meals

Ordering water, and skipping out on soft drinks, will help you lower your standard sugar intake. That reduces the amount of harm bacteria on your teeth can do. Those bacteria feed on sugars, and that feeding process leads to the production of harmful acids that cause cavities to form.

3. Pay Attention To The Health Of Your Gums

Your periodontal health can have long-term effects on your overall oral health. When you fail to take care of your gums, and allow serious gum disease to develop, you can suffer damage to bone and soft tissue supporting teeth, and face a real risk for tooth loss.