Try Dental Bonding To Cover A Physical Dental Injury

try-dental-bonding-to-cover-a-physical-dental-injuryThe lingering presence of chips or cracks after a dental injury can be an enduring detriment to your smile. Because a tooth does not recover from damage like the rest of your body, even a relatively minor injury can have a lasting presence. Your dentist can restore how you look in one visit thanks to dental bonding. In this treatment, composite resin is used to subtly address physical flaws with a tooth, so that it can look how it did before your injury. It is worth noting that bonding is not recommended when your tooth’s function is compromised. After reviewing its condition, your dentist may prefer to have a dental crown placed, to offer protection and support for the tooth. (more…)

Taking Care Of Your Porcelain Veneers

taking-care-of-your-porcelain-veneersA set of porcelain veneers can allow your dentist to fix a range of cosmetic flaws that are currently affecting your smile. The veneers, made from stain-resistant porcelain, cover your teeth, and hide issues like chips, cracks, and discoloration. Your veneers are permanently placed, which means you can enjoy these results for the extended future. However, that longevity also means you will need to ensure they stay in good condition. Continue brushing and flossing, so that your teeth stay protected from plaque, and you can keep your veneers free of accumulated bacteria and food debris. While they should not have a serious impact on your regular habits, be mindful that it is possible to stain or break veneers, and that you should be cautious with them. (more…)

Take Part In Allen’s Halloween Skate October 29

take-part-in-allens-halloween-skate-october-29On Saturday, October 29, the Allen Community Ice Rink will welcome residents for a special Halloween-themed event. The Halloween Skate encourages community members to come out and celebrate the holiday by offering prizes, candy, and more, all while participants enjoy an evening of ice skating. The event will run from 5:45 pm until 7:45 pm. During the Halloween Skate, all attendees who come to the rink in costume will be provided free skate rentals. This all-ages event mixes the fun of ice skating with the “chills” and thrills of Halloween. (more…)

Bring Back Your Full Smile With A Dental Prosthetic

bring-back-your-full-smile-with-a-dental-prostheticAfter losing a tooth, you can lose critical confidence in your smile. This can have repercussions in your personal and professional life, and create situations where you feel embarrassed. In addition to making you self-conscious, tooth loss can also be detrimental to your oral health. Some people will find that their tooth loss interferes with how they would normally speak. It can also complicate biting and chewing. Your dentist can provide prosthetic dental support that addresses your functional and cosmetic concerns. You can receive help for a single lost tooth, or – if your losses have been more significant – you can be provided with prosthetic support for advanced tooth loss. (more…)

Have A Cavity Treated Before You Need A Root Canal

have-a-cavity-treated-before-you-need-a-root-canalWhy would a root canal treatment be called for to remove your cavity? This procedure is employed when you are suffering from an endodontic issue. If your cavity has spread within your tooth, then your dentist will need to perform a root canal to address the issue and remove the infection. A cavity will not start within your tooth. It will develop on the surface of your tooth, but over time, it can worsen, and eventually move to your pulp, and allow bacteria to attack the tooth’s living tissue. If you see your dentist for treatment before this occurs, the restorative dental work you require will not include a root canal. (more…)

A Cosmetic Answer For Teeth That Look Unhealthy

a-cosmetic-answer-for-teeth-that-look-unhealthyAs the years pass, our teeth can suffer an accumulation of small damages from general wear and tear. These damages, along with the buildup of staining agents in our enamel, can make our teeth look older and unhealthier. If your dental problems are affecting your oral health, restorative dental work may be necessary. Cosmetic dental procedures can help if your smile is affected by problems that do not call for restorative treatments. Different treatments can have different benefits – if you are interested in cosmetic work, talk to your dentist about what you would like to change about your appearance. (more…)

The Allen Philharmonic Hosts A Special “Haunt”-cert Oct 21

enjoy-the-allen-philharmonic-haunt-certOn Friday, October 21, the Allen Philharmonic will perform a special, holiday-themed concert. The “Haunt”-cert will see the group perform a number of Halloween-friendly pieces. The family-friendly concert will also use work from iconic films, including the Harry Potter and Star Wars films, Nightmare Before Christmas, and others. The “Haunt”-cert will also include special guest performances from the Allen Civic Ballet! You and your family can enjoy the spooky performances, and support Allen’s local arts community. You can also arrive early and take part in the pre-concert activities, which include a photo booth and crafts for the kids. Attendees are encouraged to come in costume. (more…)

Quiz: Oral Health Protection From Your Dentist

quiz-oral-health-protection-from-your-dentistIt is better to prevent a dental problem than fix whatever issue arises with your smile. An important part of your dentist’s work is keeping your teeth in top shape, so that you can go longer without any issues that call for restorative dental work. If you want to maximize these preventive benefits, make sure you go in semiannually for regular dental exams. Your dentist will check the condition of your oral health thoroughly. You will also enjoy the dedicated, advanced care of your dental hygienist, who can fully clean your teeth. They eradicate any food debris and plaque stuck to your teeth, and remove tartar, which can be left behind when you brush and floss. (more…)

Superior Protection For Your Tooth With A Dental Crown

superior-protection-for-your-tooth-with-a-dental-crownA damaged tooth can look unattractive, and it can be functionally inhibited. To properly care for a tooth that has been through an injury, or suffered serious tooth decay, your dentist can provide a dental crown. A crown is meant to be a permanent protector for a vulnerable tooth. This is not necessary for every level of damage or decay. For instance, if a cavity is caught in time, it may only need a dental filling. However, if its ability to function is seriously impaired, or you have had advanced work to remove a cavity, a crown can save your tooth. (more…)

Ignoring A Problem Tooth Can Be Trouble For Your Oral Health

ignoring-a-problem-tooth-can-be-trouble-for-your-oral-healthBeing slow to respond to a tooth that is in pain, or looks unsightly, can leave you vulnerable to a more serious oral health condition. You will not recover from a dental issue like you might recover from something like a sprained ankle – your ability to naturally heal from a tooth problem is more limited. If you leave a cavity unaddressed, it will continue to spread, and irreversibly damage more of your tooth. If it has too much time, it could even cause you to lose the tooth. Seeking out restorative dental care sooner means saving more of your tooth, and less risk it will need to be extracted. (more…)