Jaw Problems Can Lead To Chronic Pain

jaw-problems-can-lead-to-chronic-painYour jaw joints can be vulnerable to several issues. Just like every other part of you, they can suffer problems after a physical injury. You could also experience discomfort in your jaw because of the way you bite and chew food. This can be because you are working around a missing tooth, or because you have to account for crooked teeth. One major source of stress for your jaw can be bruxism, the habit of grinding your teeth. You can wind up clenching your jaw with enough force to do dental damage, and create a problem known as TMD (tempormandibular joint disorder). Those problems can make it difficult to move your jaw, and leave you experiencing chronic discomfort, including regularĀ headaches. (more…)

Don’t Panic! Dealing With A Dental Emergency

dont-panic-dealing-with-a-dental-emergencyHopefully, you will not need to see your dentist for any reasons other than your semiannual dental checkup. Unfortunately, issues can come up with little to no warning. If you find yourself on the wrong end of a dental emergency, your dentist is available, and can help you deal with the problem. In emergency situations, same day appointments can be made. This is important, as a dental injury can be time-sensitive, making prompt care a high priority. The emergency care you ultimately receive will depend on the exact nature of the injury, but the treatment will focus on restoring your smile to its healthy state. (more…)

Answering Questions About Dental Sealants

answering-questions-about-dental-sealantsDo you struggle to avoid cavities? Does it seem like your dentist frequently finds signs of decay, even though you brush and floss diligently? Unfortunately, some patients will face more risks than others. Some teeth are genetically more susceptible to cavities. You can also have problems because of your diet, or because alignment issues make areas of your teeth harder to reach. The professional teeth cleaning you receive during a checkup with your dentist make it easier to protect your teeth, but this is not all you can receive in a dental visit. For patients who need extra cavity defense, dental sealants can help. (more…)

3 Reasons You Should Not Skip Your Next Dental Visit

3 reasons you should not skip your next dental visitIs your next dental appointment already set? How good are you about keeping up with semiannual visits? Between the professional examination from your dentist, and the expert teeth cleaning your hygienist performs, your oral health seriously benefits from these routine appointments. What you might not realize is how indispensable these visits can be to the health of your teeth. While top at-home care matters, there are benefits only the professional services of your dentist can provide. When you avoid regular checkups, or postpone them, you can miss out on care that has real value. (more…)

Taking Care Of Multiple Smile Flaws With Porcelain Veneers

taking care of multiple smile flaws with porcelain veneersOver the years, your teeth can accumulate small issues. They may start to look worn, and a slow buildup of stains in your enamel can leave them looking dull or yellowed. While you may not have a problem that affects your oral health, you could be dealing with issues that make you unhappy with your smile. This is where cosmetic dental work can help. One technique people employ to make drastic changes to their smile is the placement of porcelain veneers on their teeth. The veneers are able to cover up both damages and discoloration, and can have the effect of transforming your smile. (more…)

Dental Restorations That Avoid Altering Your Appearance

dental restorations that avoid altering your appearanceWhen a cavity develops on a tooth, it is time for you to seek treatment from your dentist. Your dentist’s restorative dental work can expertly remove decay from a tooth, and leave you with a stable, effective restoration. What you might not realize is that current dental materials make it possible to restore a tooth without altering its appearance. For instance, your dental filling can appear to look like your regular enamel, as the composite resin material can match the surrounding color and texture. A dental crown made of porcelain can go unnoticed by observers, as its material sticks close to the appearance of your regular teeth. (more…)

Quiz: Undergoing A Cavity Treatment

quiz undergoing a cavity treatmentIf you do not have a cavity removed by your dentist, it can be consequential to your oral health. Decay can do enough damage to make your tooth irreparable, meaning it will have to be extracted. Bacteria from the cavity can eventually travel out beyond your tooth, and continue to cause trouble. If you have a cavity, you should seek restorative dental work as soon as possible. While your enamel can recover from modest damage, there is no way to stop a spreading cavity without professional help. The type of procedure needed for a cavity can depend on what state the cavity is in. (more…)

When Dental Problems Disrupt Your Rest

when dental problems disrupt your restYou might expect a dental problem to disrupt your ability to bite and chew food. You can anticipate how an issue with your tooth might have a negative effect on your smile. However, you might not realize that there are oral health issues that can interfere with your ability to enjoy a healthy night’s rest. One oral health problem, snoring, can be an impediment to your partner’s rest, too. Snoring is disruptive, but when it is a symptom of sleep apnea, it can also be worrying for your health. The tendency to grind your teeth while you are sleeping can make it hard to enjoy your mornings, as you could be waking up with jaw pain, or sore teeth. (more…)

What Your Diet Can Do To Your Cavity Risk

what your diet can do to your cavity riskYou can take several actions to control your cavity risk. You can make sure to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your hygienist during regular visits. You can be sure to brush and floss regularly on your own. What you might not realize is that you can make it easier to avoid cavities by being conscientious about what you include in your diet. Certain products can be higher in sugar, making them cavity risks. You should also be cautious about acidic items, as they may soften your enamel. A healthy, balanced diet that limits sugar can help you keep your teeth in their best state. (more…)

Allen To Host 4th Annual Colin County Home And Garden Show

allen to host 4th annual colin county home and garden showFrom September 16 through September 18, the Allen Event Center will play host to the Fourth Annual Colin County Home And Garden Show. This gathering will bring a variety of different vendors, builders, contractors, and other experts on home development and beautification, under one roof. In addition to having experts on hand to offer up their services, several sessions will be held where you can learn from different people in the Home And Garden fields. Clint Harp of HGTV’s Fixer Upper will be the celebrity guest at this year’s event. (more…)