Is Your Oral Health Currently Affecting Your Confidence?

embarrassed womanPeople who struggle with poor oral health can find it difficult to remain confident, and not just because of visible smile flaws. While smile flaws are concerning, you can also experience embarrassment because of bad breath, or issues with jaw pain that affect your ability to speak. If you currently feel self-conscious because of poor dental health, you should know that our Allen, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you. Through treatment, we can improve your jaw movement, correct smile flaws, and help you put struggles with halitosis behind you! In addition to restoring your oral health through treatment, we can help you sustain your improvements through routine preventive dental care.

Poor Oral Health And Your Breath

If a person is not doing their part to maintain their oral health, it can be difficult to prevent problems with bad breath. Remaining bits of food stuck in your teeth can create unpleasant odors that you feel must be covered. You can also have problems with halitosis if you have gingivitis, or because of a cavity. If the only way for you to address the problem is to temporarily hide it behind the scent of a mint or gum, talk with your dentist. After treatment, you can find it easier to keep fresh breath!

Unhealthy Teeth Can Affect The Quality Of Your Smile

If you have teeth that appear worn down due to past issues with teeth grinding, if you have visible enamel stains, or if you are embarrassed by naturally occurring flaws, the right treatments can help. While stains can be addressed through cosmetic dental work, it is sometimes necessary to protect vulnerable or misshapen teeth with custom dental crowns. When work is done on teeth that are in visible areas, we can provide restorations that are made to imitate the appearance of healthy enamel.

Tips For Avoiding Embarrassing Problems

One thing you can do to control the accumulation of new teeth stains is replace flavored drinks with water. Cutting back on soft drinks, coffee, tea, and red wine reduces your exposure to products that leave stains. This is important, as it can be hard to keep new stains from building up even when you do a good job cleaning your teeth to prevent cavities. Good oral hygiene is effective against chronic bad breath, and it can help you avoid gingivitis. If you want to avoid troubles with dental damage or wear and tear, take care to control a teeth grinding habit. People who grind their teeth can have a difficult time stopping themselves from damaging enamel, particularly when this problem occurs at night.

Discuss Your Oral Health Concerns At Our Allen, TX Dentist’s Office

Your Allen, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who are struggling with embarrassing dental problems! To find out more about our services, and to learn how we can help you, please call Allen Family Dental at (469) 342-6644.