A Chipped Tooth May Be In Worse Shape Than You Realize

man hiding a chipped toothChipping a tooth can hurt, and it can leave you with a flaw in your smile that you are reluctant to let people see. These issues are reason enough to bring the matter up with your Allen, TX dentist, but you should know that the problem may be worse than you realize. When enamel is damaged, a tooth may be vulnerable to more harm. There is also the potential for physical injury to leave you with internal damage that requires restorative dental work. Our practice is here to help if you need to have a dental injury evaluated. We are also prepared to bring patients in for emergency dental visits if the problem seems like it might be an urgent one.

Should I Arrange Emergency Treatment For My Tooth After Chipping It?

If your tooth is in pain, if you are alarmed by the way your injury affected your appearance, or if you feel that you might damage it further by putting pressure on it, reach out for an appointment as soon as possible. In these situations, it is possible to arrange an emergency dental appointment. During this appointment, we can make sure that a problem is properly evaluated as well as treated before complications do arise. If you felt that an injury was minor when it occurred, but start to expect you were wrong to ignore the matter, reach out as soon as possible to set up your appointment.

Ignoring Physical Damage Can Lead To Complications

A chip that seems minor could actually be more serious than it seems. Unfortunately, this means that a person can wind up doing more damage to their enamel because they attempt to put pressure on it while biting or chewing. Even if there is no further physical damage, an injury may leave you with internal damage that calls for root canal treatment.

Modern Dental Restorations Can Protect Teeth Without Affecting The Way They Look

With modern dental fillings and dental crowns, our patients can come away from restorative dental work still feeling confident in their smile. For physical injuries, the protection of a crown is often required. By placing a custom restoration made to match the appearance of your healthy enamel, we can resolve your smile troubles without causing lasting problems for the way you look. It should be noted that in some cases, a chipped tooth only requires the more conservative work of a cosmetic dental procedure.

Bring Concerns About A Chipped Tooth To Your Allen, TX Dentist’s Office

You can bring your concerns about a chipped tooth to your Allen, TX dentist’s office, even if you feel that the problem must be addressed as soon as possible. To find out more about our services, please call Allen Family Dental at (469) 342-6644.