Preventive Dental Care Can Protect Your Periodontal Health

Every time you take the time to brush and floss your teeth, you can take care to protect your gums as well. Routine preventive care can stop the buildup of bacteria at your gum line before gingivitis becomes an issue. Unfortunately, many people can struggle with this problem at some point. As part of the services provided during a routine dental exam, our Allen, TX dentist’s office can determine if a targeted periodontal cleaning might be appropriate for you. An ultrasonic scaling focuses on cleaning portions of teeth beneath your gum line in order to fight signs of an infection. This service, along with a routine dental cleaning, can help you avoid long-term issues that might impact your oral health.

Why Should You Worry About Your Periodontal Health?

Problems with gingivitis can be addressed so that your gums return to good health. This can be reassuring news, as it means you can deal with the issue before there are long-term consequences. Unfortunately, the issue can cause more significant problems if it is not addressed in time. Periodontitis can affect a person who does not respond to signs of gingivitis in time. This can become a problem that causes irreversible harm to periodontal tissues, as well as the portions of your jawbone that support teeth. Complications with periodontal disease lead all other conditions in causing tooth loss for adults.

Daily Care Can Help You Avoid Gingivitis

Every time you clean your smile, you can take care to fight the buildup of bacteria that can cause gingivitis. To protect yourself, you should work to carefully clean the area where your teeth and gum line meet. Doing so can remove your risk for infection, and it can help you fight the bacteria that are already causing issues with gingivitis.

Periodontal Care Can Be Provided During Routine Dental Visits

While an ultrasonic scaling is not always included in a routine dental cleaning, it can be performed whenever you show signs of poor periodontal health. This work carefully clears away bacteria and other harmful debris that may have accumulated beneath your gums. When performed, this can restore your periodontal health if you have gingivitis, or help you manage your dental health if you are trying to prevent complications from periodontitis.

Your Allen, TX Dentist’s Office Can Help You Maintain Your Periodontal Health

Our Allen, TX dentist’s office provides our patients with periodontal and dental support during their routine dental exams. This can help keep people safe from problems with gingivitis, and help them avoid complications that might seriously impact their periodontal health. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide, or if you are worried about your oral health, please call Allen Family Dental at (469) 342-6644.