Concerned By Dental Sensitivity? Talk To Your Dentist

example of woman affected by dental sensitivityFeelings of dental sensitivity can make you uneasy about your oral health, even if you are unsure why this problem is affecting you. Issues with sensitivity can be experienced in different ways. For some, it can be an issue with a tooth that is unusually sore or sensitive, while others have problems with general feelings of pain or sensitivity. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office has experience taking care of people who experience these different issues. Once the reason behind your issue is identified, we can identify a treatment to provide relief. It should be noted that the problem could be potentially serious. If your sensitivity is tied to a cavity, it may be a symptom of an infection that is putting your tooth at risk for being lost!

How Concerned Should I Be About Dental Sensitivity?

Several issues can lead to dental sensitivity, some of which can be more concerning than others. It may be a result of steady enamel erosion giving your teeth less protection, or an issue with a receding gum line. It could also be a sign that you are grinding your teeth, or that you have a cavity that has led to an internal infection. After an assessment, your dentist can help you understand what impact the issue has had on your oral health before recommending treatment.

Identifying An Effective Treatment For Your Problem

Some problems, like enamel erosion and gum line recession, can occur slowly over time. If either issue affects you, your dentist can talk about treatment options and ways to manage these uncomfortable feelings. A problem with an aching or sensitive tooth can arise with little notice. With a root canal procedure, your dentist can put a stop to your discomfort while also protecting you against potential complications. Root canals are employed to address internal tooth problems, which can cause the loss of a tooth, or the spread of infection to other areas, when they go untreated. Once this work is done, a dental crown can be placed to protect the tooth and restore your bite!

Has Sensitivity Affected Your Bite Function?

If sensitivity is linked to problems with jaw pain, stiffness, or limited motion, your issues could be connected to TMJ disorder, or TMD. TMD can lead to jaw problems in addition to headaches, neck pain, and persistent teeth grinding. To help you recover, your dentist can provide a custom appliance that eases tension that affects your jaw joints. An appliance can also provide relief from teeth grinding, which can do serious damage to teeth if not treated.

Your Allen, TX Dentist Can Talk With You About Dental Sensitivity

Your Allen, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help patients when they start to struggle with dental sensitivity. If you have concerns about this issue, or if you are worried about any other potential oral health issue, please call Allen Family Dental at (469) 342-6644.