Your Drink Choices Can Impact Your Oral Health

You make choices throughout your day that can have an impact on your dental health. Some of these choices can be more obvious than others, of course. The choice to skip brushing your teeth because you were running late for work can have a clear negative impact, as you can allow bacteria to stay in place, and you can leave plaque deposits to harden to tartar. Other choices, like your selection of soda or water at a meal, will also have an impact. Our Allen, TX dentist’s office encourages patients to make smart choices throughout the day so that they can protect their teeth and gums. The right habits can help you avoid tooth decay, and also to maintain a more attractive smile.

3 Reasons To Cut Back On Soft Drinks

Soda is a particularly harmful drink for several reasons:

  • Soft drinks tend to be high in sugar, which makes them a threat for tooth decay. Cutting down on your soda consumption is a smart way to protect yourself against the formation of cavities that can require dental fillings or dental crowns.
  • Even if you drink diet soft drinks, you should be concerned about the acidity of these beverages. Highly acidic foods and drinks can actually make your enamel weaker. As a result, you can have a harder time resisting cavities, and you can have an easier time accumulating particles on your teeth that cause stains.
  • If you drink dark colas, they can leave particles on your enamel that cause dental discoloration to occur.

The Potential Impact Of Alcohol, Coffee, And Tea On Your Smile

Soft drinks may be a common concern, but they are not the only beverage that you should be wary of if you want to protect your smile. Remember that other dark liquids like coffee, tea, and red wine can stain your teeth. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea can also cause dry mouth, which can affect your natural ability to produce saliva and naturally fight harmful oral bacteria. If you are someone who prefers sweetened coffee beverages or cocktails that contain more sugar, cavities can be an issue.

Can I Help My Smile By Drinking More Water?

If you want to drink something that can help your smile, reach for a bottle or glass of water! Water is free of the properties in other beverages that may hurt your smile. This beverage is sugar-free, it will not cause teeth stains, and it is not acidic. Water sources that contain fluoride can actually help you protect your smile, as they can encourage faster recovery from minor enamel damages before cavities form.

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