Can Periods Of Stress Impact Your Oral Health?

While stress is hardly something people like to live with, it can also be something that is difficult to completely avoid. What this means is that effective stress management can be important for a person’s well-being. One reason to be mindful of the effects of stress is that it can actually interfere with your oral health. You may have a harder time sticking to smile-friendly behaviors, and you may be more susceptible to dry mouth. You can also have a greater risk for developing a teeth grinding habit. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, we want our patients to know how they can best protect their teeth and gums from problems. In addition to providing preventive care through regular dental exams and dental cleanings, we can help you identify different issues in your daily life that can affect your risk for dental troubles.

Stressful Periods Can Affect Our Daily Lives In Ways We May Not Notice

Bouts of stress can be relatively brief, but they can also stretch out over a period of days, weeks, or more. While you are living with added stress, you may not notice changes that you undergo in your daily life. You might have a harder time resisting unhealthy meals and snacks, particularly when you are too busy to take time and plan a meal. You can also rush through your morning oral care routine, or feel too distracted to thoroughly brush. These seemingly little changes can make you more vulnerable to cavity formation!

Has Teeth Grinding Started To Affect You?

Stress is one of several issues that can lead to teeth grinding at night. If you are starting to suffer from dental pain or sensitivity during the mornings, if you have facial discomfort, or if you have any issues with your jaw movement, it could be due to bruxism. Wearing a custom oral appliance at night can keep a person’s teeth safe if they have nightly issues with teeth grinding. To curb your tendency toward grinding, make time for yourself at night to focus on relaxation, and reduce how much caffeine and alcohol you consume.

Benefits To Maintaining A Consistent Oral Health Care Routine

Keeping up with a smart oral hygiene routine can help you maintain a sense of normalcy in difficult times, and give you a small, manageable task to train your attention on for a short time. It also helps you lower your risk for the accumulation of teeth stains, or the formation of cavities. Brushing and flossing will also help you prevent gum disease. Studies have revealed surprising and worrying links between gum disease and conditions that can affect a person’s general health.

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