Embarrassed By Your Chipped Tooth? Dental Bonding Can Help

Your once-confident smile can be badly affected by a chipped tooth, even if the actual harm to that tooth is minimal. Chips, cracks, and other damages can lead to visible changes in your appearance – without the appropriate treatment, those issues can be permanent. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, we can take on a problem like dental damage through cosmetic dental treatment. For a chipped tooth, we can talk with you about the advantages of dental bonding. This work does not require the use of any restorations. Instead, we use a composite resin material to cover the tooth, which can effectively hide chips or any other esthetic issues related to damage. Because there is no need for a permanent restoration, this procedure can often be completed in a single appointment.

Minor Damage Can Be A Big Cosmetic Issue

Even a relatively slight change to your tooth can be a big issue for your smile. While slight, a chip can be a glaring flaw that people cannot help but notice. It can even change the symmetry of your smile by making a particular tooth stand out. Even if a tooth’s health is not affected by an injury, treatment can lead to peace of mind and more confidence.

Performing A Bonding Procedure To Restore A Chipped Tooth

A dental bonding procedure relies on a composite resin material that can match the color and texture of healthy enamel. This material, which we can also use for dental fillings, is able to bond directly with your tooth for lasting security. Your dentist can carefully apply the substance so that your chip is covered, and so that your tooth appears natural.

Make Sure You Have A Dental Injury Examined By Your Dentist

Even if you feel confident that your tooth’s health is not in jeopardy, scheduling a review with your dentist can benefit you. Our teeth undergo considerable friction from biting and chewing. If something has happened to affect their condition, they can be more vulnerable to further damage. It can also be important to have a review in case there is any internal damage, or an injury you are not able to see. Problems that go untreated can lead to discomfort, and may demand restorative dental work.

Your Allen, TX Dentist Can Restore Your Chipped Tooth!

At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to help patients take on problems with their smile caused by a chipped tooth. Dental injuries can be frustrating, and they can be difficult to ignore if no treatment is provided. We offer a range of cosmetic services that can restore confidence in your appearance. If you have questions about dental bonding treatment, or if you want to explore other options for cosmetic dental work, please call Allen Family Dental today at (469) 342-6644.