Can Your New Dental Crown Help Restore Your Smile?

If your tooth is damaged by decay or physical trauma, a dental crown may be needed to effectively restore it and protect it from further harm. At our Allen, TX dentist’s office, patients can come to us to receive a dental crown that provides safety for a vulnerable tooth, as well as support for comfortable biting and chewing. If you have a tooth in a visible area that requires treatment, we do provide restorations that are designed to look like a natural tooth. Because of this, we can help you feel confident that your dental work is not going to change your smile!

A Custom Dental Crown Can Match The Appearance Of Your Tooth

With a crown made from porcelain or zirconia, you can feel comfortable with a crown’s presence even if it is in a place that is hard to overlook. These materials are both able to imitate the look of enamel, and they can be tinted so that they match the color of your surrounding teeth. While both materials offer valuable functional support, a zirconia crown offers more durability.

When Is It Appropriate To Restore A Tooth With A Crown?

Dental crowns are used for cavity treatments, but not in every case. In some instances, dental fillings are used. Dental fillings provide a more conservative option for treatment, but your dentist will have to confirm that a filling can provide enough protection. If not, a crown is used to take care of a tooth. Crowns are used to restore teeth when patients undergo root canal treatment.

In situations where a tooth is physically injured, a crown can be used to restore it. This protects you from infection, and ensures that you are still able to bite and chew without pain.

Avoid Problems In The Future By Scheduling Regular Exams

If you want to avoid problems that require dental crowns in the future, make sure you consistently attend dental exams. At every appointment, your teeth are closely checked for any signs of decay that will need to be addressed. If a cavity is present, it can be spotted while it is still small enough to make a dental filling appropriate for your care.

Allen Family Dental Can Restore Your Tooth With A Modern Crown

At Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX, patients who experience a problem with tooth decay or physical injury can come to us for the placement of a dental crown. If you are worried about the way your smile might be changed by restorative work, you can be happy to know that we do offer restorations that can imitate the appearance of healthy tooth enamel! For more information, call Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX, today at (469) 342-6644.