Skipping Dental Exams Can Raise Your Risk For Smile Troubles

Is your daily smile care routine effective at protecting you from oral health threats? Good brushing habits, daily flossing, and a smart diet can significantly limit your risk for experiencing problems that require restorative dental work. While it is certainly possible to do a good job protecting your smile at home, you should not look to substitute professional dental exams with good habits! Our Allen, TX dental practice can thoroughly evaluate your smile, and look for any signs of trouble that call for attention. Each visit also affords you an opportunity to have your teeth professionally cleaned, which can help you remain free from dental problems.

Your Smile May Be Less Healthy Than You Realize

Unfortunately, you may not realize when a problem has formed, meaning you could be mistaken in your assumption that your smile is completely free of cavities! As decay continues to spread on a tooth, the issue can become painful for you, particularly when bacteria have the opportunity to access a tooth’s pulp and attack the living tissues inside. What you should know is that your dentist is able to recognize the threat of a cavity before this happens, so your tooth can be restored with a dental filling before a problem leads to an internal infection. If an infection does happen, your treatment will be more involved, as a root canal procedure is necessary to address problems in your pulp.

The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleanings

During your regular dental cleaning, any deposits of plaque and bacteria found on teeth are removed, so your smile is kept safe from problems. The removal of tartar can be particularly important because tartar resists your brushing and flossing efforts. The formation of this tougher substance can be prevented through good habits, but you are at risk for tooth decay and gum disease until deposits are removed.

Your Dentist Can Recognize Problems With More Than Just Cavities

Are you a noisy sleeper? How often do you feel pain or sensitivity in your face and jaw? During routine exams, your dentist can speak with you about more than just cavities! You can receive help with a snoring problem, or problems with TMJ dysfunction and bruxism. When these problems are not dealt with in a timely manner, they can be a serious drain on your quality of life.

Talk To Allen Family Dental About Setting Up Your Next Dental Exam

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