What Kind Of Improvements Can A Bonding Treatment Offer?

A seemingly “small” flaw that makes a tooth look out of place in your smile can draw enough attention to make you self-conscious. Fortunately, at our Allen, TX dental practice, we can offer cosmetic dental treatment that can carefully correct problems with a tooth, while making minimal changes to it. During a dental bonding procedure, a composite resin substance can correct problems with the shape of a tooth, hide minor dental damage, or add to its size. When the work is complete, you can be delighted with how your once-flawed tooth now appears to be a perfect fit with your smile. In many cases, a bonding treatment is something that can be completed within a single appointment. 

Identifying Specific Issues That Hurt Your Smile

Any issue that makes a tooth feel out of place among its neighbors can become distracting, and frustrating. You might observe that a tooth looks flawed because it seems jagged, or because it has visible damage. Issues with the size of a tooth can also impact your appearance. A bonding treatment can be arranged to provide improvements to the look of one tooth, or several teeth, depending on what kind of improvements really interest you.

Arranging Your Dental Bonding Procedure

A dental bonding procedure will rely on the application of a resin material to the surface of a tooth. When applied, the material bonds with your enamel, so the changes it makes to your appearance will be long-lasting. Care is taken to apply the composite resin in order to make the right changes to the look of your tooth – the material can close a gap between a small tooth and its neighbor, it can even out a jagged or chipped tooth, and it can even correct the color of your enamel so that the tooth does not stand out.

Your Dentist Can Provide Multiple Options For Cosmetic Work

A dental bonding can be the perfect treatment option for an individual who wants to do something about an unsightly tooth, or several unsightly teeth. The process can be completed in as little as one appointment, and it is a conservative treatment option that minimizes the overall changes to a tooth. With that said, this is one of several treatment options that are available to you. You may decide that porcelain veneers, custom shells that are created to transform your smile, might be more appropriate for your cosmetic goals. If you want to leave your tooth structure completely alone, you also have the option of a teeth whitening treatment, which can make a dramatic change to the way you look.

Talk To Allen Family Dental About A Bonding Treatment!

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