Will A Root Canal Be Required To Address Your Toothache?

If you start to feel pain in a tooth, you can certainly hope that the discomfort subsides quickly, and on its own. What you should NOT do is treat the matter like it is nothing to worry about, even as the discomfort persists over an extended period of time. Pain that does not subside can be a sign that your tooth is infected, meaning it will take a root canal procedure to properly address the situation. Fortunately, you can count on a positive restorative dental treatment experience at our Allen, TX dental practice! In addition to fully addressing the issue with your tooth, we can provide you with a durable and attractive restoration.

A Persistent Toothache Is Something That Should Concern You

A pain in your tooth can be a serious problem. In fact, the development of a persistent, significant discomfort may call for emergency dental treatment, if you are struggling to deal with your discomfort. Pain of this nature is a symptom of an internal tooth infection. The cause could be a cavity, as decay will eventually work its way to your pulp, and expose your living tissues to bacterial infection. However, this is not the only possible cause. You can be vulnerable to an infection if your tooth is injured, especially if a crack forms in your tooth and allows entry to bacteria.

Performing Your Root Canal

Your root canal treatment will be performed in order to remove an infection within your pulp. Care is taken to fully remove the infected tissues, and anesthesia is administered to make the process as comfortable as possible. To protect you against future infections, your pulp is sealed after tissues are cleared out, and your tooth will be restored with a dental crown. A crown can provide enduring support for your tooth once it is put in place. With modern materials like porcelain and zirconia, it is possible to provide that support while also avoiding any change to your appearance!

Keeping Up With Your Oral Health, And Limiting Your Risk For Troubles

If you want to make sure a cavity is stopped before you start to feel the painful symptoms of a tooth infection, what should you do? During a routine dental exam, your dentist can actually find decay before you know something is wrong. These checkups are important because they reveal issues, and lead to treatment, before you start to develop painful symptoms. They are also important because a professional dental cleaning takes place, which lowers your risks of new problems occurring.

Talk To Allen Family Dental About Scheduling A Root Canal

A root canal treatment performed at Allen Family Dental can put a stop to your toothache, and protect you from the potentially serious effects of a tooth infection! If you have questions about this procedure, or any other oral health service we offer, call Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX, today at (469) 342-6644.