Receive A Dependable, Attractive Restoration After A Cavity

Cavities do irreversible damage to your tooth structure. If nothing is done to protect the tooth after a cavity was removed, you would face a heightened risk for a new infection, while also having less support from that tooth when you bite and chew. This is why a high quality dental restoration is so important to your long-term oral health. After all, your restoration will need to effectively provide permanent support. Fortunately, your Allen, TX dentist’s office provides dental fillings and dental crowns that can maintain their shape and support over a long period of time. You can also be happy to know that these restorations have the ability to match the look of your tooth structure, so there is no cosmetic issue created by the presence of a filling or crown.

What Is Required Of A Restoration?

A restoration needs to protect a tooth well enough to keep it from experiencing a new infection, while also making it possible for you to bite and chew without any problems. If your tooth is not supported properly, it can become difficult for you to maintain your normal bite function, which can lead to problems with other teeth, and struggles with TMJ disorder. A restoration also needs to keep the tooth secure so that bacteria cannot simply re-enter the site of a cavity, and create new troubles.

What Type Of Restoration Will You Need?

The kind of restoration required for your oral health care will depend on how serious the cavity was at the time of treatment. During a routine dental exam, your dentist is actually able to recognize tooth decay in its earlier stages, and recommend treatment before it becomes a more significant issue. At this point, you can have the cavity removed, and your tooth restored with a dental filling. People who do not attend regular exams are vulnerable to more serious degrees of decay. You may not feel symptoms of trouble until your tooth is suddenly experiencing pain, or increased sensitivity. When this happens, it can be a sign that you need a root canal treatment, and a dental crown, to make sure the matter is properly handled. Your crown will completely cover your tooth above the gum line, which means more of your tooth structure has to be removed to accommodate its placement.

Take Steps To Improve Your Defense Against Future Cavities

If you are not attending regular exams now, you should be aware that your risk for tooth decay is higher, because you are not receiving the support of professional dental cleanings. In addition to making sure your checkups are arranged, you should take the time to brush effectively – each session should take up at least two minutes, and you should spend that time being as thorough as possible reaching every area of your teeth. This effort, combined with daily flossing and a smart diet, can give you great protection against cavities.

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