Tooth Loss Can Interfere With Your Long-Term Oral Health

If you think about the effect of tooth loss on your life today, you can identify several frustrating issues that you have to deal with because of this problem. You can point out the effect an incomplete smile can have on how you look, and your confidence. You can also consider the impact of tooth loss on your dental function. After all, one lost tooth is enough to make biting, chewing, and speaking harder. What you should recognize is that tooth loss is more than just a daily problem. In the long term, you can face a higher risk for tooth loss, experience painful jaw problems, and lose mass in your jawbone. Your Allen, TX dentist’s office can offer a modern approach to addressing tooth loss.

Even One Missing Tooth Can Make Dental Function More Difficult

A single missing tooth can make it harder for you to enjoy certain foods, just because biting and chewing motions can become more difficult. You can also experience some sensitivity about the way you look, as you can be put off by how a smile gap makes you look older, and less healthy. Unfortunately, an untreated issue with tooth loss can lead to more problems, as that gap can make neighboring teeth more vulnerable to being lost.

Exploring Your Treatment Options For Restoring Your Incomplete Smile

Restoring an incomplete smile with a modern prosthetic can lead to great improvements in your daily life. You can rely on a single tooth restoration, or something larger, like a full or partial denture. If you want to give your restoration more support, you can look into having it held in place with a dental implant. Implants make it easier for you to enjoy more foods, as you can bite and chew more comfortably. You also stimulate your jawbone with a dental implant – this stimulation imitates the type created by the roots of teeth, which will help you sustain the health of the bone.

Working With Your Dentist To Make Big Smile Improvements

Your dentist is ready to help you take on seemingly difficult restorative dental work. Our practice can talk with you about restoring your incomplete smile, and treating any teeth that have become damaged or affected by decay. You can also set up an appointment to discuss aches and pains created by TMJ disorder, which can cause headaches, difficult jaw movements, and more.

Talk To Allen Family Dental About Addressing Tooth Loss

Allen Family Dental is ready to work with patients who have experienced tooth loss, and want their complete smile back! Our practice provides impressive work that can boost your confidence, improve your dental function, and give you long-term oral health support. To arrange your initial consultation with Dr. Torrens-Parker or Dr. Lizardi, call Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX, today at (469) 342-6644.