Selecting The Right Restoration To Address A Cavity

Your goal should be to remain totally unfamiliar with the process of restoring a tooth damaged by a cavity. If you keep up with smart habits at home, limit your consumption of sugary and acidic products, and schedule regular dental exams, you can keep your risk for problems low. Unfortunately, people who are confident about their strategy for avoiding troubles can wind up with tooth decay. Your Allen, TX dentist can provide you with an effective treatment that protects your tooth, and preserves the way your smile looks. We can also arrange treatment to make sure an advanced cavity does not put your tooth at risk of serious troubles.

How The Size Of Your Cavity Can Affect The Treatment You Need

Some patients are able to plan their cavity treatment not long after decay forms. Others can be unaware that something is wrong until their tooth is experiencing the unpleasant effects of an advanced cavity. When planning your treatment, your dentist will examine your tooth carefully to make sure decay is fully dealt with. That may involve a root canal treatment, if your cavity is serious enough to damage your pulp.

A Modern Restoration Can Preserve The Way You Look When You Smile

A restoration has an important job. Once placed, it needs to keep your tooth defended against trouble, while also giving it enough support for you to confidently place pressure on it when you bite and chew. For a smaller cavity, a dental filling can be effective enough to allow your surrounding natural tooth structure to go untouched. The filling can match the look of your enamel, and actually bond directly to it. Your dentist can use a dental crown if more support is needed for a tooth. When a crown is placed over your tooth, it can take up the task of biting and chewing. For crowns that will be visible when you smile, appearance-friendly materials can be used to make sure your appearance is not changed for the worse.

Improving Your Approach To Cavity Prevention

If you discover that your supposedly effective oral health routine did not protect you from a cavity, you can be understandably upset. If you are not already, make sure you are seeing your dentist for regular exams. These visits help you fight decay because they include professional dental cleanings that can remove tartar and plaque. You should also step up your efforts to clean your teeth at home. Make sure you take the time to brush and floss thoroughly every day, to stop the buildup of bacteria from hurting you.

Allen Family Dental Can Provide You With Expert Care For A Cavity

Allen Family Dental is ready to help you maintain your best and healthiest smile! In addition to providing thorough oral health support every time you visit us for a routine exam, we are prepared to help you fight a cavity through the appropriate restorative procedure. To arrange your consultation with Dr. Torrens-Parker or Dr. Lizardi, call Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX, today at (469) 342-6644.