How A Consistent Flossing Routine Protects Your Smile

What makes flossing so important to your overall efforts to maintain a healthy smile? After all, when you brush effectively, you can defend your smile by eliminating harmful oral bacteria, and by removing any stubborn food debris still clinging to your teeth. This is certainly an important and beneficial practice! With that said, you are missing something important – if you skip flossing, you ignore those spaces where your teeth meet, which are hard to reach through brushing. If you have questions about your oral care routine, or your oral health, remember that your Allen, TX dentist is ready to provide support during your routine dental checkups.

Make Sure You Floss Consistently And Effectively

Every positive action you take for your smile needs to be done consistently to be effective. Remember that oral bacteria can continue to build up, and form plaque. When plaque deposits are not cleaned in time,they can harden to form tartar, which remain in place until your next professional dental cleaning. You should floss once a day, and make an effort to fully clean the surfaces of your teeth when you do. The string should move vertically, and reach your gum line between every pair of teeth.

Flossing Offers An Important Defense Against Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

How much good will flossing do to improve your oral health? When you perform this action, you target areas that are hard to clean when you brush. While the spaces between teeth are tight, there is still room for bacteria to gather. When oral bacteria are not removed, you can see an increased risk for decay, and gum disease.

What Else Should You Do To Make Sure Your Teeth Stay Healthy

Regular dental exams provide you with important support, and make it less likely that you will need restorative dental work. You should see your dentist on a semiannual basis; this schedule gives your dentist consistent opportunities to have oral problems identified and treated. You can also improve your oral health care regimen by making positive changes to your diet. If you cut back on sugar, and limit your intake of starchy products and acidic items, you can make cavity formation less likely to occur.

Allen Family Dental Can Help You Protect Your Smile

Families in and around the Allen, TX area can count on important oral health care at Allen Family Dental. Our practice is ready to help you keep your teeth safe thanks to our dedicated exams and cleanings. We are also ready to help you deal with oral health troubles, or make improvements to the quality of your smile. To book your initial consultation with Dr. Torrens-Parker or Dr. Lizardi, please call Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX, today at (469) 342-6644.