Find Out How Your Dentist Can Help You Address Sleep Issues

Would you typically think of your dentist as someone who can help you with a problem that affects your ability to sleep? While it might seem strange, there are situations where your Allen, TX dentist can help you manage a nighttime issue that impacts your rest, or your quality of life. You can enjoy assistance with a snoring habit, even if the problem is related to sleep apnea. Your dentist is also ready to work with you if you struggle with nightly teeth grinding. Both of these problems, if left untreated, can create serious concerns.

Putting An End To Problems With Snoring Or Obstructive Sleep Apnea

It can be embarrassing to know you have a tendency to snore at night, and you can make it more difficult for your partner to sleep. If your snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, you need to recognize how the problem can do more than just make you a loud sleeper. This condition can interfere with your sleep cycle, and rob you of proper benefits you should be gaining from a night’s rest. A special snore guard can help you by keeping your airways open throughout the evening. This can help you rest quietly, and it can help you breathe freely, and avoid problems connected to sleep apnea.

Are You Grinding Your Teeth While You Sleep? This Can Be A Big Problem

Nighttime teeth grinding can put you in a situation where you frequently wake up with feelings of pain and sensitivity. If you keep ignoring these warning signs, you can eventually damage your teeth so severely that you require dental work to repair the harm done. This can require the placement of a dental crown on a badly chipped or cracked tooth. Patients can also notice a degree of dental damage that makes them seek cosmetic dental work to address superficial problems that affect their appearance. By addressing this problem, known as bruxism, your dentist can help you put an end to pain while also keeping your smile guarded against further damage. A custom mouthguard can keep you from damaging your teeth due to jaw clenching.

Keeping Up With Regular Dental Visits Can Help You Stay On Top Of Oral Health Issues

How can you keep up with the different services available at your dentist’s office? People who keep up with regular dental exams can more reliably count on timely care, simply because they have more opportunities to undergo evaluations, and bring up any problems they have been experiencing. If you are not attending routine dental exams, planning an appointment can give you and important update about the condition of your smile.

Allen Family Dental Can Offer Treatment For Certain Issues That Affect Your Sleep

Allen Family Dental is ready to help you manage problems that can affect your ability to enjoy a night’s rest. Our practice can work with you to address issues like sleep apnea, and nighttime teeth grinding, which can pose real threats if you fail to have them treated. To set up a consultation with Dr. Torrens-Parker or Dr. Lizardi, call Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX, today at (469) 342-6644.