3 Unpleasant Issues Connected To An Untreated Cavity

After treatment for a cavity, your tooth can look healthy and normal. This is because your Allen, TX dentist can provide you with a lifelike restoration that provides the appropriate support, while also matching the look of your natural teeth. While a cavity is a serious concern, you can be confident that proper restorative dental care can fully protect you. Unfortunately, people are sometimes late to respond to a cavity, to the point that they experience unpleasant complications. Those complications include more damage to your tooth structure, an internal tooth infection, and even the potential loss of the tooth in question!

1. You Lose More Of Your Tooth Structure To Decay

Delaying a cavity treatment can cost you more of your tooth structure. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to halt a cavity’s growth. Because decay may not cause discomfort at first, you can be slow to realize something is wrong – fortunately, your regular dental exams can lead to a cavity’s discovery and treatment before damage spreads further.

2. Your Tooth Can Develop An Internal Infection

If too much time passes without treatment for your tooth, you can suffer an internal infection. This refers to the problem of bacteria entering your pulp, which is where the nerves supporting your tooth are concentrated. A root canal treatment is required for a cavity when you allow it to reach this stage. While this treatment can be more comfortable than you may suspect due to its reputation, you should still do what it takes to avoid this stage of decay, as it can cause serious discomfort, and harm much of your tooth structure. By this point, a dental crown would be needed to properly restore your tooth.

3. You Can Lose Your Tooth!

A cavity is capable of destroying a tooth, and leaving it in such poor condition that it needs to be removed. This is why you should not try to ignore persistent signs that something is wrong. If you have lost a tooth due to decay, or for another reason, you can restore your smile with a proper dental prosthetic. Your dentist can talk to you about the advantages that come with having your restoration held by a dental implant.

Allen Family Dental Can Stop A Cavity, And Fully Restore Your Tooth

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