Sleep Troubles Your Dentist Can Help You Address

If you experience issues that interfere with your ability to sleep, it can lead to problems that carry into your days, and hurt your quality of life. What you might not realize is that the answer to your sleep troubles may be available at your dentist’s office. One issue patients may deal with is snoring, which can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. If you snore, you can feel self-conscious, and make it harder for your partner to fall asleep. If that snoring is a sign of sleep apnea, you may be suffering serious health risks because your body is being disrupted out of its sleep cycle. Your dentist can provide you with a snore guard to help correct this problem. Patients with sleep troubles related to a nighttime teeth grinding habit can also look forward to help from their dentist.

Enjoy Relief From Your Ongoing Snoring Problem

A snore guard is a custom-made appliance your dentist can supply you, which can keep your breathing passages open, and allow you to breathe freely at night. This appliance has helped many people who have been made self-conscious by snoring. In some cases, it can be used to correct sleep apnea, meaning you can sleep peacefully without a CPAP machine.

Nighttime Teeth Grinding Can Lead To Serious Dental Harm

Nighttime teeth grinding can lead to a morning spent in pain, as the force your jaw can generate can put serious pressure on your teeth. This can also lead to pains in your face, neck, and head. Your dentist can provide you with a mouth guard to keep your smile safe from the damage caused by teeth grinding. Without it, you could wind up clenching your jaw with enough force to seriously hurt your teeth.

Talk To Allen Family Dental About Addressing Your Sleep Troubles

At Allen Family Dental, patients who struggle to sleep peacefully through the night may find that a trip to our office leads to important relief from their issues. In addition to routine dental services, we are eager to help you correct nighttime issues like snoring, sleep apnea, or teeth grinding. To make your appointment with Dr. Torrens-Parker or Dr. Lizardi, call Allen Family Dental in Allen, TX, today at (469) 342-6644. Located in Allen, we also proudly welcome patients from Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Fairview, and all surrounding areas.