Quiz: Your Options For Addressing Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is more than just a cosmetic concern, though anxiety over how your appearance is affected is understandable. When you no longer have a full set of teeth, you can have a more difficult time biting and chewing naturally. Prosthodontic dentistry can provide one of several different prosthetic dental options to restore your smile. The solutions provided by your dentist can fit your needs if you need to replace a single lost tooth, or if your problems are more advanced. The approach taken to restore your smile can offer different benefits. For instance, if you receive a dental implant-supported prosthetic, you can actually protect yourself against jawbone resorption, a common problem faced by people who lose teeth.


True Or False: Using a dental implant to support a prosthetic can help you avoid jawbone resorption, a condition where the bone around your empty tooth socket deteriorates.

True Or False: A dental bridge has to be taken out when you want to eat, or when you go to sleep.

True Or False: You can have partial or full dentures made, depending on your particular needs.


True! By having a dental implant support your prosthetic, you can recreate stimulation in the bone that can stop resorption from occurring.

False! A dental bridge is actually a permanent dental prosthetic. By placing dental crowns on the teeth around a gap, the bridge holds its position, and will not be removable by you.

True! Both full and partial dentures can be created, depending on your current needs. Partial dentures are effective for patients who have gaps in multiple areas in their upper or lower arch.